Gobble Gobble!!!

Gobble Gobble!!!

Hello, it’s me again.


Excuse my lateness on my blogs; I have been playing catch up lately.


But this week has been really something. From getting out of my comfy bed, only to be disturbed by a false fire alarm, and also having the Internet temporarily down for some reason. But I must say this week has been average (well to me that's the case).


Writing papers can really keep you from having fun, which is why I always try to do the work ahead of time, so I can be free like peacock and spread my wings.


Ok, what to talk about hmmmmm.


Breaking Dawn




Well, I was on Twitter the other day, and a lot of people were talking about it and I didn’t realize that “Breaking Dawn” is the new Twilight movie out in theaters.


Now question:


Will I be watching it?




Do I like the series?




My little sister or date would be the only people that would compel me to see it. The mix of Dawson’s Creek meets Dracula is not my cup of tea, especially when the vampires “sparkle” in the sun.




See, I can't make this stuff up.


But I am here to give you movie-goers an insight on what’s new to the big screen, if you didn't already know.






This is another movie that hit the big screen last week, and from the reviews I had received from friends, it seems to be a good movie, and since I like the movie “300” and Greek Mythology, I am definitely going to see the film.





Well, Friday my internship had a Thanksgiving potluck, which was cool.


There was a lot of food and drink, but since I'm trying to keep my sexy, I had to refrain from eating too much.


And speaking of Thanksgiving, I know a lot of you are going away to your loved ones next week, so safe travels, and make sure you save me some leftovers.(^ ^)


And I know the gym downstairs will be extra crowded the week after, with everyone trying to lose that Thanksgiving weight.


Well, that's all I have today, talk you later.




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