Culture For Service!

Culture For Service!

Hello, everyone! It's me again. Recently my blogs have been getting a lot of positive reviews and buzz, so I am thankful for all of the positive feedback.


Now lets get to blogging…


Well, if you don't know (and I'm 100% sure most of you don't), I volunteer for Horton's Kids, which is a tuturoing/mentoring organization...Who am I fooling? Here is a better explanation:


"Horton's Kids, Inc. Is a twenty-two-year-old non-profit that provides comprehensive services to hundreds of children from Washington, D.C.'s Anacostia neighborhood. It was founded upon the belief that all children, regardless of circumstance, deserve a chance to succeed. Our tutoring, mentoring, health, and enrichment services have substantially raised the test scores and grades of children attending some of America's lowest-performing schools, as well as nurtured their desire and ability to succeed."


See, sounds better, doesn't it?


Well, on Sundays I go on cool field trips with the kids, and last Sunday we went to Cox Farms, which is a farm (obviously) with a lot of fun stuff to do. It's good for all ages, and last Sunday was its Fall Festival, which involved PUMPKINS!


A lot of PUMPKINS!


So follow me as I take you on a tour of my adventures...


This was a tractor at the entrance to the


These were some monster feet you could put your feet in.


This was a playground made out of hay that my kids seemed to love for some reason...


This cow was amazing to look at because it was HUGE!


The staff was showing kids how to milk the cow...poor




This was a house created for the corn field that we went through.


Egyptian style...


This was also in the corn field/maze:


It was a big slide that I wanted to go on, but I had to hold a lot of coats.


Now, this is a hay ride that we went on, and it was really fun. Here are some of the things that we saw:


A cowboy and his horse.


The giant squid.


Some goofy aliens.


And a vintage store.


Finally, the main event!


The final event of the day was the Pumpkin SMASH. Basically, they harness this Mega Pumpkin hundreds of feet in the air and then drop it.


The person harnessing the pumpkin was taking forever and a day to drop it, and some people (like me) were getting impatient. It did give me time to record the pumpkin smashing instead of just taking photos.





Now, like I said last blog, the weather is going to get cold--real cold--later throughout the month, but I forgot to tell you about snuggle season.


Well, it's self-explanatory. The times are getting cold, and you're in D.C. trying to experience a new life. Now, if you're like me, you might have someone who is not with you at the moment that you normally snuggle with (Ifunaya), but the rest of you single and ready to mingle folks out there can go out and find the love in the air. Well, that's all I got, so until next time...ciao.


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