Bright Lights, Big City

Bright Lights, Big City

Hello everyone, and welcome back to my blog, I know that I've been on a hiatus recently, but I had to fully enjoy my weekend break/holiday to properly give you a better understanding on the topic of today.

And this is nightlife...



What is one word that came in your mind when you saw this picture?

If it is not "ummmmmm" that question need not apply.

This is a picture of a burger that i got from this Burger spot by Dupont circle called "BGR" , which is short for "Burger" ( creative isn't it?). I though Five Guys was the best burger joint that I've been to , but this trumps Five Guys by a short margin, and this it due to the overall taste of the burger and the many options that can choose from to complete your meal.


Yes there is a but.

If you don't mind spending $10 and up for the burgers (excluding drink/side orders), then this is the place for you. I am trying to watch this figure, so eating burgers is a no no for me on a regular basis.
They also had this king of all kings of burgers located at the bottom of the menu, which is 9lbs of meat(Ohh boy, can we say instant death?) and it cost $80 , and you'll get it for free, if you are able to eat the whole burger. So I suggest you try to eat it all, cause you're gonna need that money to help you with your medical fees.



This was inside the restaurant, and they played a lot of retro music that brought you back (i.e. Purple Rain).

Now I know I said that I will be discussing "Nightlife" and me in a burger joint won't necessarily account for that, but since I ate this burger around 7 p.m. I would thus consider this "Life at Night"

Now, if you come to D.C., you would like to explore the many options you have when trying to have a good time. The places I like to go for this good time are U and H Streets.

These streets basically consist of very famous/good restaurants and clubs that you can go to.



These are pictures of a club I went to called "Indulged" that consisted of live performances, food, and drinks. It is also a good atmosphere, especially if you want to relax and listen to some music.



On U St. there is a place called "Ben's Chili Bowl" and it is a famous restaurant that has been there for years. They're known for their chili dogs and chili, and I must say it is very good.



This is the restaurant next to Ben's Chili Bowl called "Ben's Next Door." It is a sport's bar, and it is kind of new.

Well, this is all I have for nightlife, and if you ever come to DC, here are a few tips for you to better enjoy your stay.

#1: Learn The Metro, Breath The Metro

Well unless you have a car or know somebody with one, then you should get familiarized with everything pertaining to the Metro, such as the route, the time, the delays, the construction work, and especially the time when it stops running.

Why, Gamal?

Well, glad that you asked. It is simply to not have you stranded after you enjoyed yourself till 3:00 am to only realize the last train was at 2:35 am :(

#2: Safety

This self explanatory, basically bring someone along when you go to places that you are unfamiliar with, especially at night.

#3 Dress for the Occasion

Don't plan on going to a lounge, without knowing the dress code. This will save you money and embarrassment.

#4 Drink Responsibly

Yeah I had to plug that in.

Well thats all folks, Below you will find pictures of Morgan State Homecoming that I went to in Baltimore this past weekend. Enjoy and stay tuned for more.



Cheerleaders performing at the Pep Rally



The band playing



The crowd after the pep rally was over.

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