Back To Earth

Back To Earth


Yeah, I know what you’re thinking...What does he mean by "Back To Earth?"




It means I am back to reality, didn't go anywhere except the books this week :(


Not saying I don’t, because I always do (had to plug that in) but this was a time of self-evaluation and reorganizing my priorities, which everyone should do, especially when you are in D.C. Don’t get me wrong, I did enjoy myself last week, from the International Festival (which I will explain later) to...


Well yeah, the International Festival, that’s about it! lol


So, Gamal, speaking of prioritizing my life, what exactly do I need to do?


Well, first things first...start to brainstorm on what do you REALLY want to get out of D.C. It can just be the overall experience, a job, etc.


But once you figure that out then you need to analyze your goals, which I think is kind of the purpose of the IDP (Individual Development Plan) that you have to do. Try to do something that you personally created, and that you feel comfortable with.


Now as far as homework and programming goes, I can say I am not a really big fan of having my Mondays consumed with things I have to attend. Not saying it's not beneficial, but I like to stay HOME on Mondays (I also have my class that day, isn't that great?).


Try to avoid doing things last minute; the last thing you want is playing catch up on the weekends, when you had prior engagements a.k.a FUN.


So I'm through with giving advice, and I hope you considered this helpful until I conjure up some more later on during this month.


But now it's time for other news that’s been circulating in the US, and that is...





Yes, the protest!!!


Also known as Occupy Wall Street or Capitol Hill or anything that’s considered the center of business and government. This is a picture I took of the protest that occurred last week along K Street. I was going back on the Metro, until my nosey side decided to witness the festivities.


And for some of you who don't know what this protest is about, here is a brief explanation from the article:


"Occupy Wall Street protest sparks nationwide movement"


"On September 17, a group of individuals representing all ages, races, socio-economic backgrounds, and political persuasions took to the streets of New York City. Their goal: To ‘move in’ and Occupy Wall Street, by flooding lower Manhattan with peaceful protests, setting up beds, kitchens and peaceful demonstration outposts. Their goal: To show that 'We the 99% are fed up with the greed and corruption of the 1%.'


Their fuel: the 'New World Order,' corporations ruling and influencing government and the economy, bail outs and tax breaks for the 1%, ruinous government policy, and the corruption and unconstitutional fraud of the Federal Reserve."



This protest has caused a lot of controversy, and it has been gaining a lot of attention and appearances from celebrities that are now joining these protests such as Dr. Cornel West and Kanye West. Hopefully we all can find a solution that everyone can agree on.



And here is another picture of the protest. Well, my video I put up last time didn't work so hopefully this one will, as I give my "On The Go" Music Selections:




That's all I have for this week.


Next week I'm going to have fun, since it's Howard University's Homecoming that I am attending, so you'll get a lot of pictures on that. Ciao

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