Zoo Day

Zoo Day

Becoming a part of Australia's wildlife is impossible while residing in Sydney. I don't particularly mind this due to the fact that I dislike almost every animal that isn't either a cat, or a dog. But i did want to experience some of it, even if I wasn't directly exposed to the threats of possible death that may, or may not occur. So I decided to travel to a place that had every animal in existence, almost, within Australia…the Taronga Zoo.

I have been visiting zoos since I was two years old, so I have been exposed to many different types of animals. When I was a child, my parents would take me to zoos all over the United States, mostly because of my strange desire for a pet parrot, which I soon grew out of, and my love for cats. But these animals were unlike anything I had ever seen. The first exhibit where I genuinely realized this was an Australian zoo, was the nocturnal exhibit. It was a completely dark room with red lights to guide you around, but upon entering a dark room after being in the Australian sun, it is pretty much impossible to see anything. As my eyes adjusted and I tried to focus on the exhibit, I saw a little critter run by my feet. I was legitimately scared, but then I remembered all of the animals were behind glass…this didn't help me, I was still in Australia with deadly animals, I had a right to be scared for my life. Turns out it was behind a cage, and I had embarrassed myself for no apparent reason. The animals in this exhibit were huge, but they were like mice, but very very large mice, it was definitely something that I wouldn't want to kill. If I saw this thing in my house, I would be the one standing on top of a chair screaming, but i'm fine with that.

Besides that terrifying experience, it was an amazing day. We had a ferry ride to North Sydney, then a Sky-Rail ride to the Zoo. This Sky-Rail was much like the Disney ride that goes around the park. It provides a bird's-eye-view of the entire zoo, something that many people don't have the opportunity to experience, except for everyone who visit the Taronga Zoo I guess…

The day began with a ferry ride and sunrise over the opera house, and ended with a ferry ride and sunset over the Opera house…and Italian food. Couldn't get much better than that.


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