Kangaroos, Nemo, AND the Opera House!

Kangaroos, Nemo, AND the Opera House!

This first week in Sydney has been an eye-opening experience--one that was unexpected to say the least. 

When coming to a new country with certain expectations, you can't help but be a little disappointed when you find out what reality is actually like. In Australia, It is not sunny 24/7, (as seen above) and kangaroos don't greet you at every corner. These are just minor upsets, but what made me most disappointed was the nonexistence of a certain address, "P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney." Believe it or not, one of the first things that I did when visiting the Sydney Opera House was look for the marina shown in Finding Nemo. I probably should have taken in the beautiful view of the Bay Harbor Bridge, or the Botanic Gardens, but instead, I wanted to find Nemo. After an unsuccessful search, I went and visited the gardens overlooked by the Opera House.

These gardens consisted of an immense park filled with strange trees and aboriginal art. It was a great, and peaceful, experience…until we got locked in a large, dark park, with only one exit, which was impossible to find. After wandering down a few different paths that led nowhere, we were surprised by hundreds of bats flying directly above our head. Although I felt like Christian Bale in Batman, it was an all around, terrifying experience. Once we finally found our way out, we were greeted by an incredible sight: the Sydney Opera House at night!

From early to mid June, an amazing light spectacle was occurring. There were lights shining all around the house putting on some of the most beautiful array of colors and shapes I have ever seen, each one just as unique as the next. It was much like the "Laser Light Show" that happens at Disney's Epcot every night before closing, but like times 3,000, because it is in Sydney…on the Opera House…overlooking the Bay Harbour Bridge, on the water. Seriously, it was amazing. It was definitely one of the highlights of my trip thus far. Although everyone was taken pictures literally everywhere around the opera house, I managed to get a few good shots that will hopefully give you a brief glimpse of what I saw.

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