Education in Australia

Education in Australia

During my stay in Sydney, I have been interning at a business called iPitch. They focus on startup companies hoping to develop the next big thing. My job first began by assembling five new desks and chairs, which consisted of about a thousand screws and a hundred different sizes of wood. By the next day, I had three blisters on my right hand, and my whole forearm was sore. After about two more days of steadily progressing my workload, my supervisor finally gave me an exciting project. I was to develop a newsletter using html source code, which would be sent to hundreds of clients and interested individuals within the website's user base. This was a very exciting few hours for me, and although I got frustrated numerous times, it made me realize that working with computers was a passion of mine. This sudden awareness was quite unfortunate.

I am studying both political science and economics in college right now, and will be entering my senior year in August. To realize this late in my educational career what I truly enjoy is pretty depressing. On the bright side, being able to write on my resume the experience with computers that I have developed will definitely stand out on my applications to graduate school. Who knows, I might even apply to some programs at the University of Sydney! With my last class experience with my political science professor here in Australia, it really made me wonder what education here is actually like.

My last class consisted of discussion, debates, and a couple presentations, which seemed to last forever. Afterwards, the professor knew we were exhausted, and so we left class and went to a local tavern . We then spent the remainder of the evening discussing his life within the Australian legislature, where he worked for over 15 years. He was pretty talkative, and our conversations were fascinating to say the least. If my grad school professors are anything like this guy, I will definitely be furthering my education here.

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