The Beginning

The Beginning

The beginning of our trip to Australia began with a one-hour delay stuck inside a muggy, cramped, Boeing 777. With the internship group spread throughout the 450+ seats occupied, each person got to know their neighbor.

Mine was a graduate student in his third year of med school, attending the prestigious John Hopkins University, with an undergrad degree from Stanford. We were able to have numerous intelligent conversations, many of which had to do with the idiocy of the current government. I’m sure some of my colleagues weren’t so lucky with the forced small talk, which was ever so impossible to avoid.

Even with a fun neighbor, 20+ hours in a plane can really achieve certain psychological glitches, especially when you are nonexistent for a whole day. Although this may seem like an unfeasible occurrence, we will be crossing over a time zone that rids us of 18 hours of our life. How does one explain that? If someone asks you what you did on May 27th, you have to say something like, “well I was absent from reality”, or, “I believe I wasn’t in existence at that point in my life.” I feel like a character on Lost, but thankfully, my landing wasn’t in *spoiler alert* Purgatory, it was in the beautiful continent of Australia.

With a major case of sleep deprivation, and an inconceivable desire for a bed, it was time to begin my first full day in Sydney.

Upon arrival in Sydney, my only disappointment was the lack of kangaroos greeting me at the airport. My friend Nate and I were probably a bit exhausted from not sleeping at all, but we truly believed that a kangaroo would be there to take our bags to a taxi or something. But we soon got over it and continued on the short journey to our apartment where we would be staying for the next couple of months.

Our first meal consisted of some of the best hot chocolate I have ever had. Even though I was craving Scallops and other seafood, it was 7am, and I knew that wouldn't be the best thing to eat, while trying to fight jet lag. So I had a hot drink, which turned out to be an awesome decision. We then took a walking tour, which would have been nicer if I was falling over due to narcolepsy, which I had developed on the plane. After about four hours of constantly falling over, I finally went to bed. It was 3pm, and I was no closer to getting use to the time zone difference, but I didn't care...because I was tired.

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