Beach Part II

Beach Part II

This past weekend, a few of us went back to Bondi Beach, mainly to skate on an ice rink that was recently added. I know what you are thinking, “who spends thousands of dollars to put an ice rink in the middle of a beautiful beach?” The answer is simple…Australia does. Every year for the winter festival, a large ice rink is put on top of Bondi Beach, to provide Australians with an activity unlike anything they have ever experienced.


As we walked up to the ice rink, the first thing I saw was a man wearing a Canadian hockey jersey. This was one of the funniest things I had ever seen! The only ice rink in Australia, and a Canadian finds it. Can that be any more stereotypical? But in all fairness, he was the best skater out there. You could easily tell the natives from the locals of Australia, it was like night and day the difference in skating ability between the two. On one hand, you had people that could keep themselves upright, and could easily get from one side of the ice rink to the other. On the other hand, you had those who would fall and trip over their skates every other step. It was quite entertaining to watch. After I got my fill of laughter for the hour, we all headed to the point, which overlooked the Pacific Ocean. The view was spectacular and the feeling was even more impressive. The waves were crashing up against the rock, and sending a mist towards all of us basking in the hot, Australian sun. We wandered up the highest point and just sat staring off into the distance. After about an hour, people wanted to go back to the winter festival on the beach, but with all of the aquatic animals lurking in the distance, we were bound to see at least one, so we waited for a little longer. After about 10 minutes, one of my friends saw a whale breach the water directly in front of us about a mile out to sea. I tried to capture a still image on my camera, but instead, I captured it on video, which I soon realized was super awesome. After an amazing couple more minutes, we left and went back to the beach. Here are some photos for your viewing pleasure:


This store knew how to drive the middle of winter....haha

Ice rink directly on the beach...pretty awesome!

Australia's version of Christmas

That rock has a sign that reads, "This rock, weighing over 255 tons, was washed up by the ocean in 1912." It is insane what the ocean is capable of!

haha...close up of a bird.

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