The Australian Petting Zoo

The Australian Petting Zoo

Although the Taronga Zoo was amazing, we were not allowed to touch or play with the animals, so today, we went to a petting zoo. One of the main things that I wanted to do in Australia was play with a kangaroo. Today was the day I finally got my wish.

When I first entered the “petting” area, I was a little hesitant to play with them. I had read about kangaroos, and understood that they attack, and sometimes kill people, but once I saw local children running up to them and giving them hugs, I was okay.

These animals were unlike anything I had ever seen! The closest similarity that we have in America would be a Fawn, (baby deer) but even this is much different than a kangaroo. They way they just relax and chill in the sun promotes jealousy to every individual that has to watch. Seriously, aren’t you jealous of their life?

To get close to the animals, we were given little cones filled with some sort of grass that kangaroos eat. Understanding the fact that kids attempt to force-feed these animals at all times during the day, I tried to be mature, and provide them with a choice on whether or not they wanted to eat it. When this proved unsuccessful, I attempted the children’s theory of assuming they were hungry…all the time. Success! I got up close and personal to a baby kangaroo, and it was an amazing experience. As I was feeding this animal, I thought to myself, “How many people actually get to be this close to a kangaroo?” Since they only reside in Australia, There cant be that many. I was now part of an Elite group, awesome. After about 2 hours of playing with kangaroos, I went to do the same with the Koalas.

My friend Dan took one of the best pictures with the Koalas, it was pretty legit. It was crazy how they climbed trees! Serioulsy, Koalas have the most awkward movments I have ever seen. But it was quite entertaining watching them eat, walk, and even sleep. The Koalas were pretty cool, but the kangaroos were definitely the highlight of the trip, at least for me.

Normally petting zoos are for little kids, but when it comes to animals that Americans have never seen before, we would be denying our inner child to not take advantage of this amazing experience. We owed it to ourselves to mentally become an eight-year-old and have the greatest time of our lives.


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