Stonehenge, Castles, and Wales in a weekend.

Stonehenge, Castles, and Wales in a weekend.

In a nutshell, my second week in England has been a whirlwind. It mostly consisted of getting used to the area, attending my internship, and getting homework done for The Washington Center. There is really no way to be bored in London because there is always something to do and the program keeps you very busy.

In this thrid week, I've finally begun to put my foot in the water when it comes to traveling around the United Kingdom and I'd like to share my experience this weekend.

This Friday, June 17th I visited the mysterious Stonehenge and learned about the history surrounding it. The weather was a bit cold but the rain wasn't as bad as it could be. My hands came away a bit frostbitten.

After this little endeavor I visted Glastonbury, where I went to the Chalice Well Gardens. It;s said that the The Holy Grail may be hidden in the well there. I also visted what's left of Glastonbury Abbey.

At the end of the day I headed to a circle complex in Avebury similar to Stonehenge. There were a ton of sheep walking around.

There were also people trying to feel the rocks because they believe energy is releasesd from them....I'm not sure about that part. They were really enjoying the rocks..

There, I sat on a Neolithic rock known as "The Devil's Armchair." It's the largest rock in the circle.

On June 18th and 19th I attended a 2-day trip to Wales and it was AMAZING!! I never realized how beautiful Wales is and I feel like it may be overlooked.

First, we took a stop at Chester, England and I LOVED it!! Compared to the Chester I'm from, England's Chester is much more fun!!

Below is a picture of myself on a little bridge in the middle of the town.

Above the bridge was a clocktower, which is shown below.

Don't mind the bag in the photo...I discovered  a shop called Primark in Chester and did a little shopping. 

After this stop, we made it to Wales and I checked out Conwy Castle.

Here's another picture of myself sitting on the castle wall. I was able to walk up and down the castle wall. It was really high in the air but it was a cool experience.

After this we headed to Snowdonia and stayed in a Bed and Breakfast by the sea.

The next day we headed to a town in Wales with probably the longest name ever, below is a gift shop with the name and translation.

Then to finish off the trip, we took a steam train ride into the beautiful mountains of Wales. It was a great way to end the weekend.

Well, I'm off to St. John's Wood Station to attend a Beatles walking tour. I'll let you know how it went a little later!!

Jessica Crighton

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