Oxford, Stratford, The Cotswold Villages, Windsor, and Hampton Court.

Oxford, Stratford, The Cotswold Villages, Windsor, and Hampton Court.

Last weekend I decided to do a couple of day trips. Saturday I attended a trip to Oxford, Stratford and The Cotswold Villages.

The first stop was Oxford which some scenes in the Harry Potter films have been shot. I’ve always wanted to check out Oxford and part of me has always wanted to go to school there, so it was great to finally see it in person.

Oxford is quite beautiful and exciting.  The architecture there is amazing.

When I was walking down the street, there was an impromptu concert of two guys playing music.  The pedestrians on the street were entertained (myself included).  The town has a lot of energy in my opinion.

The next stop was Stratford where Shakespeare lived his life.

We started at a museum that talked about his life. Pictured below.

Stratford is very much a tourist attraction now; it wasn’t as cultured as I thought it’d be. There were many shops targeted at tourists and a lot of the stores named after Shakespeare. There were some actors on the streets dressed up doing odd things. One guy was dressed up like Shakespeare and was walking down the street with a baby carriage (there was a monkey doll in it). I’m not really sure why.

The ancient buildings were cool to see and it was interesting to hear that houses the poor used to live in years ago now go for millions of dollars.

Speaking of old houses, when I went to The Cotswold Villages I got to see houses that were more than 900 years old. They are gorgeous!

Because we were in a small group we actually got to go into the village unlike large buses that aren’t allowed.

We had creamed tea and walked the tiny streets and enjoyed looking at the houses with thatched rooftops.

The gardens in front of their houses are just lovely.

Sunday I attended a trip to Windsor and Hampton Court Palace.

Windsor is a lovely town with so many swans!!

I couldn’t believe it!! They were so cute and love visitors!! They will swim right up to you. Windsor is probably where I’ve seen the most swans in my life.

I fed a swan a piece of bread and it seemed thrilled.

I went inside Windsor Castle but unfortunately you aren’t allowed to take photos inside.

The inside is probably the best part though. I suggest a visit to anyone.

They had a miniature doll house replica of the castle which was great! The line was terribly long though.

When I left I got to watch the changing of the guards.

It felt awesome being able to see it for the first time at Windsor Castle.

The queen wasn’t in that day but it was great nonetheless.

Hampton Court Palace was probably my favorite of the day though.

I loved the fact that it had a hedge maze! I’ve always wanted to walk through/ get lost in a hedge maze and walking through it was a fun time.

I found the only dead end on the first try and that was splendid because it was a goal of mine.

I ended up making it out of the maze (it wasn’t as hard as I wanted it to be). The gardens are absolutely amazing!! I’ll show you!! Here’s a ton of pictures!

This is a picture of me in the front of the Palace.

This is a picture of me and a guard of the palace.

This is me by the water close to the palace. It was a beautiful place.

Next post will be my Harry Potter World Premiere Experience!

It was awesome!

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