My last big trip- Scotland!!

My last big trip- Scotland!!

I took a train from Kings Cross to Edinburgh, Scotland. (Very Harry Potter) I highly suggest if it's your first time visiting Scotland that you take a train ride there. It may take longer, but the train is comfortable and view is absolutely amazing. For example, see picture below:

When I first arrived in Scotland we had a tour guide dressed in a green kilt. He played the bagpipes as we walked to Holyrood Palace (pictured below) and he told us about how the queen had been staying there a couple of weekends ago. It's her offical residence when she's in Scotland.

I climbed Calton Hill and had a breathtaking view of Edinburgh. I also got to view the various monuments as shown below:

After visiting these monuments, I walked around Edinburgh, ate in Scottish restaurants, and you'll never guess...

Went to watch the last Harry Potter movie!! My first day in Scotland was the opening day of Harry Potter, so I didn't get to see it at midnight in London! BUT I made up for it by seeing it where Hogwarts is supposed to be situated... SCOTLAND! (Did I mention I took the train in Kings Cross from Platform 9 3/4?)

But anyways, the movie was superb! And I felt quite accomplished seeing it in the UK on opening day. I stayed for the credits and noticed that the movie was filmed in England, Scotland and Wales... I've visited them all!! :) I was happy.

On day 2, we traveled by bus to the Scottish Highlands and Loch Ness. The view was absolutely amazing, as shown below:

We visited some more monuments on our way there.

On our way to Loch Ness, we passed by the Boleskine House which was formally owned by Jimmy Page of Led Zepplin.

We finally made it to Loch Ness and we visited the Urquhart Castle, shown below.



Sailing on Loch Ness! I think I actually saw a serpent-like wave (or Nessie) in the water too...No doubt there's something weird about that water. I'm not sure if the Loch Ness monster is in there, but I certainly wouldn't say it's impossible.

They apparently had radar on the boat so we could check to see if Nessie was swimming around.

Some hilarious advertising.

Me beside a poster of Loch Ness press. Is there a monster in Loch Ness? You decide.

A possible Nessie sighting? Or a wave?

Back in Edinburgh, I ate at The Hard Rock Cafe and saw a connection to my internship. One assignment I had was to create a sales pitch for the Red Hot Chili Peppers. (I couldn't ask for a more amazing project as an intern.) As I looked around, I found a wall of RHCP. Very appropriate. As well as...

An area for Alice Cooper! At my internship I helped brainstorm for the new Alice Cooper app!! Many significant artists were represented at the Edinburgh Cafe.

On day 3 I attended a Da Vinci Code tour (inspired by the Da Vinci code book) it took me to Scott's View which was quite beautiful (as shown below):

I took this wicked picture. The sky is so crazy looking in Scotland! So's the rain/weather!

Next stop was Melrose Abbey, which was ancient! I learned about the monks that used to live there.

I loved the spiral staircases! It was fun walking up and down the Abbey.

Then I went to Rosslyn Chapel where it's said the Holy Grail could be hidden. I'm starting to get skeptical though, since another place I've visited claimed the Holy Grail is buried there. (Well I guess it is HIDDEN, no one would know!) We weren't allowed to take pictures inside, but here're some pictures of the outside!

That was my last big trip during my summer abroad/internship in London. I'm going to miss everything about the United Kingdom when I leave, as well as my internship. I can't believe it's the last week I'm here!

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