All about the Internship!

All about the Internship!

I've gotten requests to write a blog specifically about my internship. For one thing I can't imagine a more awesome internship! I loved my experience working for Metropolis. My coworkers were great and I enjoyed all the work I did! This was my first internship related to my major Digital Media Design and I feel like I learned so much about the music industry as well as Digital Media. It was truly the perfect fit. Thank you CAPA and TWC for placing me somewhere that I met great people and gained wonderful experience in my major!


If you're waiting to find out your internship placement the key is to be patient. I found out my placement the second week of my seminar in Washington D.C. and I was actually one of the last people to get mine. When I saw that everyone else had their placement before me I was worried no one wanted me. So not true! CAPA and TWC really put a lot of time into finding a relevant internship for your abilities and good things come to those who wait. Some students in the program loved their placements (like me) and others weren't as thrilled after they start working. My theory on avoiding that is be as specific as possible in your application and cover letter about what you'd like to do as an internship so you won't be able to say "I don't know why they placed me here when I want to do (insert job)". Being vague in your letter is not a good idea!


Maybe I just got really lucky, I don't know! Right place at the right time? Here's a funny thing that happened a couple of days before I found out my internship. I was on twitter and I was followed by someone and I was looking around on their following list and a twitter about me caught my eye that said something along the lines of "Need Digital Media? Look no further" and clicked on the twitter and it was (you'll never guess) Metropolis Group! Now I didn't know at the time it'd be my internship but I followed them after looking at the website and I remember thinking "This place looks awesome, I bet I'd never be placed somewhere that cool."


How wrong I was! Needless to say, about 2 days later when I got the email telling me I was working for them, I read the name, it rung a bell,  I checked my twitter and there it was: my internship site (that I began following 2 days before I knew I was working for them)! Life certainly works in strange ways. Surely makes a good story.


So there you have it! Some advice on how to get an internship that's relevant to you as well as my internship placement story. Not a typical one, that's for sure, but interesting nonetheless!


Now to what I did at my job! This summer, I worked on graphic designing sales pitches to clients selling the Digital Media, Recording, and Mastering parts of Metropolis Group particularly for the Live Vinyl cuts. I also created posters and handouts marketing their Power Down concerts held every Tuesday at Metropolis’s bar where bands play acoustic performances. I worked on The Beatles Anthology Cover and back cover artwork and typography for the new iTunes LP. I used the programs Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator the most. I also learned more about the power of Adobe Premiere and After Effects. I worked the occasional reception, where I spoke to clients who called in and I booked cabs and bikes for Metropolis employees and transferred calls to employees as well. In particular, I created sales pitches for Red Hot Chili Peppers and Muse to be sent to record labels for consideration. In a Digital Media department meeting, I helped brainstorm for the new Alice Cooper app to be created and came up with a few thought provoking ideas to consider. I helped run errands for the company when need be, such as sending out mail and picking up business cards etc. I helped critique a website for a client. I helped design a logo for a production company. I helped edit video for a DVD.


Metropolis Group does many things in recording, mastering, and digital media. I worked with the Digital Medias team and their responsibilities include music video recording, graphic design via logos, posters, video editing, DVD home screens, app creation, website creation and brand identity development; it’s a one stop shop for anything you’ll need in graphic design. I met a lot of talented people that are great at what they do there! I'm going to miss everyone I worked with!


I'll leave you with a picture of me hard at work!! My last week at my internship!

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