Abbey Road and the London Graduate Fair

Abbey Road and the London Graduate Fair

This week I attended The Beatles walking tour in London. It was pretty fun. The tour began at the famous crosswalk the Beatles walked across for their Abbey Road album. It was the most fun/hilarious experience! Imagine all the people crowding around this one crosswalk just to take a picture walking across it. More than once! I’m definitely guilty of it! The poor cars had to stop every 20 seconds because a new group of people start randomly walking across it. There’s a lot of horn honking in that area and exasperated drivers. I’m sure they expect these pedestrians in the area by now. By far that was the best part of the tour. If you visit London, recreating the Abbey Road photo is a must have experience. In all honesty, I feel like to get the perfect recreation of the photograph you would want to visit in the morning when there’s less traffic. The tour guide even mentioned the morning is the proper time to take the photo because that’s when the Beatles did theirs after a long night of recording.

This week I visited the Churchill Museum and attended a London Grad fair. I honestly wish I would’ve had more time to look around at the grad fair. The fair was between work and classes, so I had about 20 minutes to look around. I am seriously considering living/working/studying in the United Kingdom once I graduate from West Liberty. I feel like it would be a smooth transition due to the fact I’m technically a citizen. (Thanks Dad for being born in England.) I’m mostly interested in a grad degree relating to Digital Media, Marketing, Design or Public Relations. Ideally, I would love to work in the music industry as a designer helping with PR or marketing. (Actually what I’m doing as an internship! Did I mention how perfect my placement was again?)

Metropolis Group is an awesome company. I am so thankful I’m working as an intern there. I look forward to work every day and when I’m there the time flies so fast. I know I’m going to miss all of my coworkers and the company when the internship ends. I wish I could intern with them again!

My internship includes helping with the day-to-day running of the Digital Media Department. I work with the design team to help create pitches and content for actual projects with professional media software. I help assist the design team in brainstorming sessions and I will be working with the video production team to help assist with video shoots and post production. I’ve also done the occasional reception. Projects I’ve worked on include pitches to the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Muse, and other various artists. I also helped design the cover of The Beatles Anthology LP for iTunes, which makes my walk on that crosswalk earlier quite meaningful.

I suggest to anyone considering an internship through The Washington Center to do the program. If you are detailed with your resume and cover letter you may get your dream internship. I surely did. I chose to do the London program this summer but I may come back and attend the D.C. program next summer! Everyone at CAPA and TWC are so helpful and thus far it’s been a great experience. If you have any hesitations I assure you it’s worthwhile!

Tomorrow I will be in Paris, France for the weekend! Wish me luck!

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