A Parade of People

A Parade of People

Wondering what kind of people you will meet? I can promise it will be an eclectic group. Take my roommates for example; we have an environmental-engineering major, a philosophy major, a studio art major, and an aspiring lawyer. Our most commonly watched TV shows range from Law&Order to Glee. All of us are in different programs and classes at TWC. Our areas of study are as different as the places we are from. Coming from Massachusetts, Texas, New Hampshire, and Puerto Rico our room is a good example of how everyone here is different. I really like living with such a diverse group of people especially because after a certain point you're only studying around people who are the same major as you or have the same job at college. Not so here, it's pretty fascinating to hear how different people's interests are.

But at the same time the program and class that you're in will help you meet people with similar interests as yourself. At your workplace you will also be meeting co-workers that also deal with similar subjects so there's no shortage of company. My only suggestion is to save a part of the week for time alone, just to maintain some sanity.

If you have no trouble keeping your sanity; keep meeting people! D.C. is very big on networking and it's important. During your time at the Washington Center you are going to meet a lot of professionals. There's no set rules on who you meet or how but you can be sure that you're going to collect business cards like Halloween candy. An important tip is to jot down on the back of someone's card the context of how you met that person or what you talked about. It's necessary because you're going to forget if you don't. If you ever need to contact someone later on you need some more information than just their e-mail. They might have forgotten who you are and need the reference to remember you; otherwise you'll just seem creepy.

But look forward to the people you will meet! You never know what will come of it. Most of the people are intelligent and motivated probably because we're all trying to gain better work experience. To give you an example of such students here's a picture of some gorgeous, highly intelligent, and superb fellow Washington Center Interns noteworthy of the website.

From top left to right; my roommate Christina, Summer, Dominique, Me, Anastasia, and my other roommate Shauna having a good time during the weekend. 

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