Over the Rainbow

Over the Rainbow

No experience here is the same. What your experience will be like may be nothing like the people living with you. The routines and jobs include a wide variety. While many students wear dresses and business suits to work, I wear T-shirts and shorts. Interns always hate how crowded the Metro is going into D.C. and I enjoy the bliss of empty cars that go out of D.C. Certain jobs include a lot of computer work or paperwork. I do paperwork too, but I also helped kids make superhero belts today...overall, I struck even. Who knows what your experience will include but everyone around you will be doing something very different from yourself.

At times, this is really frustrating, because you will have high expectations and want the most disgustingly beautiful internship in the world... especially when you're paying for it. You're picturing shaking Obama's hand, creating new legislature on Capitol Hill, and secretaries lighting fireworks off for the brilliance of your ideas. However, it might be thoughtful to remember your internship will still be a job. And that job won't be the same as what others do, so maybe your internship will be awesome and you will absolutely love it. But the very nature of an internship is to both learn and work. You will be reminded over and over by TWC that you will need a good attitude, especially if you have monotonous tasks at your site. They're right because having a good attitude and proving yourself will lead you to better tasks. But you will have the occasional bad day(s) at work and it's better to be prepared. As glorified and sought after the position of an internship can be you're still a minnow in the food chain that is the professional world. Or perhaps a Pokemon that hasn't evolved into a professional yet.

Now I don't mean that days where you hysterically cry about how bad it is, I mean that sometimes you'll be bored. D.C. has many cures for this and free time is never dull. You'll have amazing moments too, where you get a job that you really enjoy. I just don't want to mislead you with romantic tales of museums and sunsets... it would be irresponsible.

...So this is Georgetown a.k.a my solution to bad days. If you come to D.C. for the summer you will visit here at least once. I highly recommend it for days that require a bit of escape. There's so much you just need to go for yourself, it's great for food, shopping, and just walking around.

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