MakeThat Paper

MakeThat Paper

How much paper are you making? I suppose that you would want some internship experience to boost your resume and make more. I get all of that at my internship.  I work at a non-profit; the Pyramid Atlantic Center. It's a printmaking art center and today we made paper. So much that I'm surrounded by paper all day. Sometimes paper's green and sometimes paper is an old pair of jeans beat to a pulp.


My Internship Site, Pyramid Atlantic

I'm definitely not referring to money. Pyramid makes their paper. Working in an art center I'm surrounded by artists every day. They come in to etch, draw, screen-print, and make paper. I really enjoy the people that I work with including several other interns from different places. At my internship today we went on a little field trip to some galleries and this is outside of D.C's "Fridge" gallery/art space.



Here we have some very trendy art interns that I get to work with. From left to right, me, Julie, Jamie, Stephanie, Caroline, and Laura. (Please note how awesome the blue fish is). My internship has a fun atmosphere and my job is always changing. I've sent e-mails, checked inventory, helped fundraise, and run art tables at community events for my site. Sometimes I find myself in meetings with other non-profits and sometimes small children are coating me in blue paint. So much, in fact, that I'm commonly running around trying to find more paper. Luckily, my internship site has plenty of it.

I can't always say the same for myself. Sometimes paper is lacking. Crisp, green, rectangular paper; the kind that can't be replicated (legally) in an art center. Money goes quickly and D.C. has a pricetag. Do yourself a favor and start saving. I spend about $35 dollars for the metro alone during 1 week; most is spent going to work. You will also pay for food and run to events that cost money. It adds up quickly. To make things easier, have a method down to track how much money you're spending, maybe an app on your phone or simply writing it down. Some way of budgeting really helps. You will save a lot of money cooking in your apartment or bringing lunch to work instead of going out all the time. But the food is so good! So start saving, because you really aren't going to want to miss out. Previous bloggers advised saving before me, naturally I didn't follow it when reading up... but trust me, it's important.

What about plain, old, regular paper? If you end up missing the comforts of 8"x10" you'll get plenty of reading for class.

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