The Apartments

The Apartments

You might have some questions about housing. I live at the TWC's Resident Academic Facility or RAF. At first, I was skeptical about TWC's housing. I wasn't quite sure what it looked like and thought it was too expensive. But as the calendar got closer to the summer, I just decided that it might be easier to go with their housing partially because I didn't want to deal with searching for apartments or roommates.

Now I'm not quite sure what your rooms look like at home, but I don't stay in hotels this nice. The RAF's a new building and the apartments are really nice. This is a quick pic of our common room. Please ignore the mess... it was pristine before we showed up.


Four people live in the apartments here, and you have one direct roommate. In the beginning, you'll be handed a roommate agreement and be asked to decide who does what chores and when. Everyone tries to brush this off; I did, and I'm pretty sure when the time comes you will too. It isn't the end of the world if you don't figure things out right in the beginning, because every roommate dynamic is different. You just need to be able to communicate with your roommates. You'll have to contribute and pitch in with chores but also speak up when things are working. There's also your RA if things really don't work well.

Not all housing is in the same place. TWC also has other locations, so you might not necessarily be in this building, but the majority of students live at the RAF. I've met students that have found their own housing in D.C. but if you do that it might be good to find a friend or roommate to live with--just because it's nice to have a group of people around who also have never lived in D.C. before.

I've been really happy living here. It's right off of the red line on the New York Ave. Metro stop and is about a fifteen to twenty minute walk from the Capitol building. A grocery store isn't far away, and there's a really great coffee place called Sidamo nearby that's completely addictive. Sometimes I feel a bit childish having an RA again and always having to show my ID's at the door of our building, but that's nothing to complain about. Some people think the beds are a bit uncomfortable but I sleep like a rock so I haven't had much trouble. The kitchens are really nice with a dishwasher and kitchenware, and there's also a washer and dryer in each apartment. Yeah... very nice. There's also a gym downstairs, which others have been known to frequent.

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