A Trip to the National Zoo In Honor of Summer on Capitol Hill

A Trip to the National Zoo In Honor of Summer on Capitol Hill

I think the title here pretty much speaks for itself. And even if it didn't, something tells me I just shouldn't clarify or discuss it anymore. Anyways, as the summer starts to wrap up, you really start to think of all the things you didn't do. For me, the list seemed pretty long because DC really is just that big. I am proud to say that I made it to every single Smithsonian, even though Air & Space really just isn't for me as I've said before. However, it suddenly dawned on me that I hadn't been to the one place everyone has been mentioning all summer. I am referring to the National Zoo! Just a hop, skip, and a jump down the Red Line to the "Woodley Park/Zoo" stop! Even better, it's free!


Now, I must say, you really need a whole day for this. Don't try and hit the National Zoo with two or three hours on the agenda. You might be able to make it through one biome. Also, it's mostly outdoors; so make sure you bring sunscreen for a nice summer's day. We did all these things and I swear I had an enormous amount of fun. They've got everything you can think of, from big to small. I'll spare you the typical pictures of lions, tigers, zebras, and the like. Rather, we'll hit some of my personal memories. A permanent favorite was the little guy pictured below, whom I really sympathized with.



I will always have a soft spot for praire dogs. How can you not? And what was great is that you could literally reach out and touch these guys (though I think a little jail time would have been in order had I actually done that). I sat there eating my ice cream while they sat there eating their, well, whatever it is praire dogs eats. I must have sat here for an hour, just staring and wishing this is what summer on Capitol Hill looked like.


Next, we took a little stroll on the inner and more personal side of the National Zoo. Now this was all good and fun, until we reached the little section known simply as "Insects". I don't really mind a nice little ant, hungry praying mantis, or even a lovely caterpillar. But the National Zoo just decided to go all the way and put the guy below in a case where I had to look down in to see. If you were within a five feet vicinity of me when I saw him, then I apologize.



I'm a vegetarian and I love animals, but I just will not warm up to these things. Harmless my back side! I read on the thing next to his little container that he could eat a whole mouse if he was really feeling it. I quickly navigated away from this and the other 30 glass cases filled with his distant cousins. Yet, it wasn't long before my friend navigated me to another death trap.


Now, for some readers of this blog and visitors to the National Zoo, an atrium where you can dance with butterflies and be merry might seem like a wonderful experience. The little creatures flutter about and land on your shoulder from time to time in a quaint manner reserved for some romantic comedy. Well, I sure didn't take it that way. These things were swarming about and if one of them landed anywhere near me, I nearly lost it. Don't believe me? See below photo for a permanent representation of the constant dance I was doing through this exhibit.



What's worse, you can't even see the little monsters in this photo! I'm sure they were going rogue and setting their sights on me from under some leaf. Look below for proof.



I suppose in the end, they are pretty little creatures. Only as long as they stay on their leaves, though. As for the rest of the zoo, it too was pretty amazing. Like I said, pretty extensive and definitely a lot to cover. I was glad to have done it and I would encourage you to do the same. Whether you like animals or not, there's just something about it that provides endless entertainment. I think the monkey below may sum it up quite nicely.




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