My Own Personal Debt Ceiling

My Own Personal Debt Ceiling

Looking at some of these past entries, I have realized that I have completely failed at keeping you adequately informed about my internship on Capitol Hill. You know the city and its museums just about as well as I do by now! Have no fear, that information will keep coming. In fact, you're free to just scroll right on down to the next paragraph if you'd like to skip my little intern blurb. Essentially, my internship has been full of shocks and surprises. Seeing, experiencing, and networking can best sum it up I suppose. As I said in an earlier post, I had no intentions of passing up any and all opportunites that came my way this summer. I have taken full advantage of my internship. And I must say, all in all, it's a great experience. Sure, there are squabbles and minor mishaps, but it all evens out in the end. Plus, have you heard about this debt ceiling debacle? If not, then it's fine because I pretend like I haven't either.

But enough about work! Let's get right on to the fun stuff that I know you all love. I'll start by saying that the title of this entry could be no more appropriate. As the summer begins to reach its end, I begin to realize that so has my checking account. Now, sure, I have been budgeting and spending wisely. But no matter what, it's all still very difficult. Anyone who thinks not, please find a way to get in touch and share your secrets with me. That said, I felt that this entry should be spent showing you some of the amazing free things I've been hitting up in recent weeks. First, take a look below and see what you recognize!

For those of you who have not seen National Treasure repeatedly like I have, that there is the National Archives! I'm sorry that I could not bring you any pictures from inside, but they keep it very under wraps. Any sort of flashing light on the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, or Bill of Rights could cause irreversible damage. I don't think I want that on the resume. This place was absolutely awesome, though, and completely free! My friend and I spent a good three hours in there, looking not only at the original documents but also the different exhibits they had. I'll spare you the details and just say that you have to go.

Now, where I took this picture of the Archives was where I spent the rest of the afternoon. This place is known as the National Mall Botanical Gardens and it is, well, right on the National Mall. There is a giant fountain in the middle that is great for putting your feet in and cooling off during these seemingly horrendous 100+ degree days. In addition, the place is full of international sculptures and interesting plants that never seem to get old. My favorite one is listed below. Don't feel bad, I stared at it for a solid ten to fifteen minutes too.

After all this, you'd think I would be just about tired out. Well, it's DC with just about two weeks left, so tired isn't an option! Remember when I said some points of interest lie just outside the city boundaries? Well, again, I didn't lie. After about half an hour's bus ride just past the University of Maryland at College Park, which will cost you only a $3 round trip, you will find the amazing and renowned Ikea! Don't know what Ikea is? Well, I can only say that it is a wonderful and magical place where the furniture is so affordable and trendy that it seems like shoplifting to actually shop there. What's more, they have entire rooms already set up for your enjoyment. We got stuck in the kitchen below for about twenty minutes, just fantasizing life after interning. That was after watching Beauty & the Beast in the living room next door.

Well, after all that, I think I earned a bit of rest. But I think it just goes to show that once again, play is very possible when one knows the power of the dollar! I didn't spend a dime on anything but transportation that day, which I'd already put on my SmarTrip card anyways. I will confess that I also spent $3.50 on some delicious frozen yogurt, but I'm hoping you can let that slide. If the government can stare economic armageddon in the face, then I think my wallet can stand the blunt of some pricey yogurt right? I would hope so. Maybe in the next entry, I'll even get actual ice cream. Better come back and check on this rebel!

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