The Madness of It All!

The Madness of It All!

Well, after my most recent entry that took a shot at "debunking" some common misconceptions of the city, I think this one should come as no surprise. I'll warn you that it might be a bit short and a tad droll, but I think you'll appreciate it regardless! I say this because I don't recall reading such a blog like this before arriving, so just count those lucky stars. And even if you're reading for fun, well then I think you'll just enjoy the part where I just wander about the city on the first day of work.

Yes, that's right, I was one of those lovely young interns that decided the Metro could not confuse them. I looked at the map online and it seemed like I was all set! I can assure you that map is trickery! I learned so very quickly that streets are not lined up with Metro stops as quaintly as one would hope.

As I work on Capitol Hill, it would make most sense for me to get off at Union Station on the Red Line. The trick here is that I have to switch trains at Fort Totten to get on the red line because I live on the green line. So on the very first morning of work, I set about to switch trains with all the other lovely young interns and staff members that were joining me in this great exodus. Well, as you can probably guess, the switch didn't go the way I had planned.

See, I need the red line train to "Shady Grove". Well, I decided to hop on the red line train to "Glenmont" because it was sitting there on the platform and I assumed it was mine. What a sad little assumption it was my friends. I rode two stops in the wrong direction before realizing that I was leaving work, instead of going to it. I got switched around eventually, but I ended up arriving to the first day just a little sweaty and flustered.

Don't let this be you in any case! It's just one big awkward mess. Instead, get a SmarTrip card upon arriving here. They sell for about $10 at any CVS and they can simply be loaded with money as you need it. Not to mention you are saving .35 cents a ride. It helps, I swear! Once you have SmarTrip, take it for a spin a couple days before work. Really map out that route. You may even surprise yourself with a new shortcut. The Metro is a work in progress, for sure. But I swear it starts to come too after an embarassing run-in like above.

Now I think I have to run or I'll miss my train for real! I promise a more vibrant and colorful entry soon about the wonders of the work week and its vital component the weekend!

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