I Do in Fact Have An Internship!

I Do in Fact Have An Internship!

I am sure up to this point you may be asking yourself why am I here and what am I doing. And even if you aren't, well, I just feel the need to clarify here. I in fact do have an internship and have not spent every single day sightseeing. Though, as I've said, that is very much a possibility with the amount there is to do in this city. But as I was saying, I am indeed working a solid 9-5 job here in the city. And on Capitol Hill nonetheless! Want some proof? Look no farther than just below.

I suppose it's all very fancy, but it really teaches you some things very quick. During TWC orientation, the one thing us group of interns were told pretty consistently is that DC is a small town and that word travels fast. Now this sounds very broad and almost like something that might not apply to the average intern. However, that is most defintely not the case here. In fact, there are several websites and blogs devoted to recording our every mishap. I can assure you that ending up on any one of these is in no way an honor.

When an intern, whether on Capitol Hill like me or in really any other organization in DC, it is important to remember decorum at all times. I think one thing I've heard is that if you won't say it to your grandmother, then it's likely you shouldn't say it in or around the office. I would say that even when walking to the Metro or getting on it, you need to be mindful of who is around you. I've read countless stories of Hill staff members overhearing intern conversations advertising their opinions about work or legislation and then relaying that information appropriately. These interns had a very short summer.

However, I think keeping this professional demeanor is not just a requirement as much as a huge benefit. Not only do you prepare yourself for the real-world, but you also start to make amazing connections. This is extremely true for me. Through a "friend-of-a-friend" sort of chain, I have already been able to meet two people since being here in DC. One gentleman works at an influential lobbying firm on K Street and the other works at the Pentagon. These are two people I stay in pretty decent contact with still and it's predominantly because I've remembered my place in the scheme of things. Always be respectful and cordial to whoever you meet. Remember to thank the person on the spot and then to maybe even follow-up with a card reiterating it. Following these few tips has paid dividends for some of my friends.

Let's also remember that your fellow interns could be your co-workers some day. Networking doesn't mean people with jobs, but everyone around you too. Hang out with friends, have a good time, and always be mindful of who you are around. Look at us in the picture below! You could be looking at the future Presidential Executive Board. The possibilities are endless!

The moral of the story here is to have fun, but be responsible. You never know what's just around the corner!

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