Washingtonians don't have the word "Bored" in their vocabulary

Washingtonians don't have the word "Bored" in their vocabulary

So living here in Washington, D.C. has been wonderful - partly because it is absolutely impossible to become 'bored.' I feel that those who have lived here forever don't even understand the meaning of the word 'bored.'  Even if you were to participate in every single attraction and eat at every amazing restaurant, you would still be ready to do it all over again because there is so much variety!!!  Here are some to name a few . . .

OLD TOWNE ALEXANDRIA – I love living in Alexandria because it has the feel of a quaint old little town.  If you take the yellow line Metro towards Huntington to King Street, you can get off there and ride a free trolley all the way down to the waterfront.  Or you can walk the street in 20 minutes and explore the charming old shops and buildings.  There are so many cute restaurants, bars, an Old Towne Theatre, cafés, shops, among many other things!  I don’t know about you, but I LOVE live music and there is a phenomenal trumpeter that has played every Sunday I have gone on a stroll down King Street.  There are also historical sites that you can check out, but I haven’t gotten there yet.

My roommate, Andrea, highlighting her charm and the glory of the Flag.

This talented man was serenading the bystanders with Ode to Joy and it was phenomenal!

The sign explains itself rather well.

MERIDIAN PARK IN COLUMBIA HEIGHTS – One Sunday, my roommate Kendall and I went to the Meridian Park just to relax and hang out.  You should too! We just sat on a sheet to read while several things went on around us.  On Sundays, people with drumming talents get together, bring their drums and just play different beats.  There were acrobats practicing their tricks, and people just having a great time.  If you want to walk around the park, there is a beautiful fountain to mesmerize your eyes.  And when you are done there, before you leave, go check out Ben’s Chili Bowl! AMAZING!

My roommate, Kendall, gracefully participating in the serenity and beauty of the waterfall.

These acrobats did some pretty sick tricks and I did my best to catch some of them on camera.

D.C. UNITED MAJOR LEAGUE SOCCER GAME – Even if you are not a sports fan, grab a group of friends and check out the D.C. United team!  They have college night where the tickets are half off ($15) and you get floor seats . . . it was pretty wicked!  You learn more than what you think too; for example, unlike football or basketball, there is no overtime when the teams tie.  Yes this is sad, but I had forgotten this rule in the game of soccer.  Nevertheless make sure you check out one of the Washington sports team.  Though I haven’t gone, the baseball team, Washington Nationals, sometimes has $2 games where everything, including the tickets, are $2 . . . definitely a steal!

DC DANCE COLLECTIVE SALSA NIGHT – If you want to get your groove on, you MUST go to this salsa party in Tenleytown near American University!  Every second and fourth Saturday, the salsa instructor there has an open salsa dance night and it is such a blast!  There are so many professional salsa dancers that come just to dance, have fun, meet people, and teach people like me how to salsa.  If you have never salsa danced before,  I promise you this is the best first place to go!  My visiting friend Christine received a free lesson and now is in love with salsa dancing.  I’m telling you, it is an absolute MUST. Cover price is $10.

My lovely, visiting college friend, Christine, and I getting our salsa on!  Her first time, and will not be her last.

FREE FRIDAY NIGHT JAZZ CONCERTS – So every Friday from 5:30 pm till 8:30 pm at the National Sculpture Garden there are FREE jazz concerts with each week specializing in a different genre of jazz.  It is such a perfect way to begin your weekend, especially if you go after your work day.  I went with some other interns, and even without something to sit on, it was a great time.  All of the young business professionals get off of work and crowd the area to listen, dance, and get drinks from a convenient wine bar set up outside.  We were lucky to have found a spot under the trees right by the stage.  If you are cool, you will go.

Latin Jazz in the Sculpture Garden.

My fellow interns and me enjoying the sounds of jazz after a long day of work.  Next time we will bring a blanket . . .

CHINATOWN RESTAURANTS – Like Thai food? Burmese food? Chinese food?  Chinatown has got it all!  We ate at Kanlaya Thai Cuisine.  It is a great place to eat with a large group of people!  We ordered Pad Thai just to be safe but tried a few other dishes and it was filling!  The service is wonderful and you can eat outside which is encouraged.

MMMM Thai Cuisine!!

FOURTH OF JULY IN THE NATION’S CAPITAL – What an experience! I feel that every American citizen should experience the nation’s birthday in the nation’s capital!  Briana and I decided to go to the National Mall around 1:30pm and just explore until the fireworks were to start at 9:00pm.  If you are afraid that there will be nothing to do, give up that fear!  There are several festivals that are held throughout the day and give out free stuff.  Some of the museums are open for a part of the day so we checked out the National History Museum.  I mean it is American History like never before!  We didn’t get through all of the exhibits, but I did take some facts home that I never found in my textbook.   There was a Columbian Folklife Festival going on at the Mall so we were able to experience some wicked tango dances performed by professionals from Columbia.  At the Washington Monument, we were able to hear the U.S. Navy Band perform – totally UNEXPECTEDLY stupendous! They are a definite if you are ever here during the 4th.  People have their favorite spots to watch the fireworks, and we chose the Lincoln Memorial.  This means that we were not able to watch the concert on the opposite side which featured singers such as Josh Groban, Jordin Sparks, and others.  So you will just have to choose which experience is more important to you.  Seriously though, you can watch the concert on PBS at 10pm later that night so I vote get the experience of the fireworks in the capital.  It was definitely worth it all.  Afterwards, we got a bite at Shake Shack, with delicious burgers and yummy shakes.

Briana and I on our way to listen to the U.S. Navy Band playing at the Washington Monument.

We were elated to have found a spot at the Lincoln Memorial two hours before fireworks went off.

The fireworks were worth it.  We were not able to watch or hear the concert at the Captiol, but we have no regrets.

My fellow interns and newly made French friends so excited to have celebrated the Nation's birthday late at night.  Oh yeah, we still have work tomorrow. . .

Moral of my story: Go out and do SOMETHING!  There is something going on that will catch your interest.  And please try something new and inspiring!  Sadly enough, I have not dived into the historical facets of D.C., such as the museums.  I have one roommate who has successfully been to them all – she went to one every Saturday and Sunday.  If that is your style, then do it.  I want an excuse to have to come back! Five weeks have gone by, I have settled in, and now I will begin to explore the history a little bit more.

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