Policy vs. Politics - I promise you there is a difference!

Policy vs. Politics - I promise you there is a difference!

So, one day spent with me and you will find that I am the least politically-wired human being you will ever meet. You will also find that I happen to possess an awkward level of passion for the things that matter to me most. Being in D.C. has brought enlightenment to the difference between policy versus politics – it is all about how you engage your passion!

To me, politics are just like third grade birthday parties when a select few of the kids are invited to play, but they are not really a member of the “party” and everyone else excludes them, doesn’t listen to them, and completely ignores what these outcasts have to say. So this may only make sense in my head, but basically I would classify myself as a moderate because I believe both major political parties have valid points that resonate with me. Everyone brings something unique to the team, field, party, whatever! And it all should be incorporated into a sound decision instead of racking up as many “wins” for your party.

This will probably be the extent of the politics that I will discuss this summer, however I will say that visiting the U.S. Capitol, where all of the “parties” are held, was such an amazing experience that brought to life all my years of American History. First of all, just getting lost on Capitol Hill is an amazing historical adventure! TWC offered a tour of the U.S. Capitol building, and I took it! The history behind the building itself was spectacular! They were building it even during the Civil War. The marble, statues attributed to an important member of each state, as well as exceptional paintings just “spoke” to me. It was neat to stand in the room where John Adams and others of his generation served in the House of Representatives. I’m no history buff, but I had a blast so be sure to check it out!

So back to my previous discussion: policy versus politics . . . what the heck is the difference? Well policy is all about the passion of the issue, whether that is about the Trafficking In Persons Act or how much aid should go to international activities. What I love about policy is that you can pick an issue and just throw yourself into it and something will actually happen! Policy is where the change happens, not in politics. Politics are necessary to have in order to go through with the policy, but the whole idea of composing a plan that could potentially alter the life of special individuals for the better is amazing! Standing inside the U.S. Capitol, I finally understood the phenomenal power we as American citizens have! I don’t think most people around the world can call their Senators and Representatives and tell them what they want done about specific policy. This is a fact that I shall no longer take for granted, and neither should you so CALL YOUR SENATOR! Your voice just might make a difference.

So you are probably wondering, “So yeah okay, Charity, this is all fine and cute. What in the world have you really been doing in D.C., like on the weekends?” I’ll have to tell you later because I do actually have a class that requires some work . . . especially on the weekends :)

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