When the Setting becomes the Background

When the Setting becomes the Background

There's a weird phenomenon that happens it cities: sometimes, you don't realize how beautiful they are until you leave them. Think about it. Do you appreciate the New York skyline while you're taking pictures in Times Square, window shopping on Fifth Avenue, or wandering around Rockefeller Plaza? No. You don't enjoy it until you're pulling away, drive over the Hudson, and see the buildings and their sparkling reflections. While Washington admittedly doesn't have quite as glamorous a skyline as some other cities, its beautiful monuments often go unappreciated when you spend the majority of your day in an office on K Street.

I have thrice left the city, twice to go home and once to go to New York. Each time I've realized how I forget to appreciate the beauty of everything around me.

When I studied abroad last semester, I took the Metro over the Seine and past the Eiffel Tower almost every day. As I pushed my face to the window in awe every single one of those days, I never understood how the French managed to keep their faces buried in their newspapers.


And now I'm one of those people. So, in a pledge to myself, and a reminder to any of you about to start your summer here, never forget to remember how cool it is to see the Washington Monument peaking through the buildings, the Capitol's shining dome visible from every major intersection, and the amazingly accomplished people with whom you're riding on the Metro every day. Washington's a pretty amazing place.


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