The Washington Bubble

The Washington Bubble

I’m sure at some point in your life you’ve experienced the bubble effect. It tends to happen on college campuses, summer camps, or vacation resorts when the rest of the world seems so distantly displaced. It’s a weird phenomenon that you don’t realize is affecting you until you get away for the first time. I am now a proud inhabitant of the D.C. bubble. It’s a place where it is perfectly normal to hear intense political discussions while waiting for the Metro, live off caffeine (and ask that your parents send you Starbucks gift cards instead of cash), wear heels every day, hand out business cards like your life depends on it, and prefer political gossip over Gossip Girl. Over the long weekend, I was lucky enough to go home to Kentucky, and there was sure a lot of culture shock.

My eavesdropping Metro discussions were replaced with heated debates over UK basketball and next season’s recruits, I realized I don’t actually need an IV of coffee to survive, my feet got a break from constantly being propped up two inches, nobody cared that I carried neat little cardstock rectangles with my name and email address printed on them, and, well, I still watched the news 24/7. I guess it’s impossible to completely escape the new Washington lifestyle I have so quickly embraced, but seeing images of Washington on TV made me realize how cool it is that I can say I live here, and that maybe I’m even a fan of this bubble where it’s so acceptable to be a political nerd. Or whomever apparently, according to my fellow Metro passenger last week:

Anyway, if you are considering participating in The Washington Center program, I would recommend you try to escape the bubble once in a while. This coming weekend, I have the wonderful opportunity to visit one of my best friends in New York. The price tag is totally affordable too—with tickets at only $19 each way, it’s an easy trip that only requires me to cut a few cupcake shop trips out of my budget (please play the world's smallest violin for me). Cheap bus tickets can be bought through companies like Bolt Bus and Mega Bus, but Amtrak and some airlines have pretty cheap fares as well. I have to admit though, as excited as I am to visit New York City, it pains me to leave Washington for a second weekend in a row, which goes to show how wonderful the city and program I have chosen are.

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