My brushes with fame, Washington style

My brushes with fame, Washington style

Some people say D.C. is Hollywood for ugly people. While I agree with the premise of the statement (I mean, when was the last time you hung a poster of a politician on your wall to drool over like the NSYNC posters in my bedroom circa 1997? Exactly.), I disagree. Everyone here has perfectly pressed clothes to match their perfectly coiffed hair and perfectly applied makeup on their perfectly pretty faces. Also, fame is a little different here. I have been starstruck on numerous occasions, but it's the kind of nerdy political starstruck at which most people wouldn't blink an eye. Anyway, I digress. While the past three months have been filled with a lot of cold, rainy days, too much LSAT studying, long hours at work, and expensive Metro rides, there have also been some amazing opportunities I've had. To give you a taste of the things I've gotten to take advantage of (and trust me, you'll have plenty of similar opportunities)...

1. Went to a Politico Playbook Breakfast to listen to Senator Schumer and Mike Allen discuss the possible budget shutdown on the day of the possible budget shutdown. (Talk about me being a political nerd: I went to bed early on my 21st birthday the night before so I could wake up at 6:30 AM to get ready in time for the breakfast, and I don't even politically agree with the Senator.)

2. Went to a Bipartisan Policy Center discussion between Senators Bennett and Byron Dorgan, moderated by WSJ Economics Editor David Wessel, about fixing the Congressional budget.

3. Met with some of one of my senator's staffers to discuss ways to engage young people into the political process. Being the Minority Leader, Senator McConnell has a really fancy plaque above his door, but he also has great staffers that were truly interested in my suggestions.

4. Engaged with representatives from think tanks including CATO, Heritage, and Center for American Progress, among other places, about the economy, campaigns, and foreign policy.

5. Attended the one-year anniversary of the passage of the Affordable Care Act, where I was three feet away from Representatives Pelosi and Hoyer.

6. Attended a Tea Party rally, and while I unfortunately was not able to see any of the big names like Michele Bachman speak, the sheer size of the audience and level of patriotism was astounding.

7. Enjoyed lunch at Running Start's Path to Politics program to engage young women like myself into pursuing political careers.

8. Bumped into Fox News' Shannon Bream while trying to find my senator's office on Capitol Hill.

9. Dawdled outside the red carpet premiere of the Atlas Shrugged film inside Union Station, enamoured by the fancy dresses, flashing lights, and members of the press everywhere.

10. And, in case all of that means nothing, I also got to help plan an event with my internship to help bring Glee's Darren Criss out to an L.A. high school to teach one of our programs that ended up on Perez Hilton. No big deal.

So, in short, don't fret about what you'll fill your time with while you are here. As you can see, the real problem will be deciding not what to attend, but what not to attend.

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