Life After TWC

Life After TWC

As you start your internship this summer, and you find yourself as in love with D.C. as I am, let me recommend something. If you think you want to stay, start looking for a second internship (or job, if you’ve already graduated) now. I guess this is more pertinent when looking for summer internships, which are extremely hard to snag in D.C., but it’s still important to look early.

I knew almost immediately that I wanted to stay in D.C. for the summer, but I didn’t start looking for internships until mid-February. Seems like plenty of time, right? Totally wrong. A ton of internships had application deadlines of February 1, some even had deadlines in December, and another handful had deadlines quickly approaching that required letters of recommendation and transcripts that I could not get in time. It really narrowed the field to which internships I could even apply, and with internships so hard to land, it was definitely a bummer.

I sent out nearly twenty internship applications, with a mixed assortment of cover letters, resumes, references, essays, and transcripts. I applied to places with internship programs, places without any mention of internship positions on their websites, and of course, a handful of internships at home as safeties. I only heard back from about five places, two of which ended up extending me offers. It’s not that I’m an unqualified candidate, it’s just ridiculously hard to get internships. Consider yourselves lucky that TWC does all the grunt work of the process for you, and has a number of connections to more easily land the internships you really want.

Anyway, everything worked out (even better than I expected--my summer internship is paid!), and I am looking forward to using the connections I made at TWC and making even more connections this summer to land a job here after I graduate.

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