Blogging on the Job

Blogging on the Job

As someone with a passion for politics and writing, one of the coolest opportunities I got this semester was to blog at my internship, Rock the Vote. As such a major national organization, it was awesome to have that kind of platform for exposure as an intern. Below is my post from my last day at my internship, last Friday, but here are links to other blogs I wrote throughout the semester: Happy Earth Day!, Nikki Jean Shows Democracy Some Brotherly Love, SOLFJ: Good Music, Great Cause, #Winning our March Madness Bracket, Democracy Day: A Call to Action, Guide: Your Oscar Votes, Join RTV for Saturday's National Youth Summit, and Grammy Love: More than a Pretty Voice.

Rock the Vote has a history of mobilizing young people to vote in election years, but now we’re calling on you to mobilize for a different cause. Following the devastating tornadoes in the Southeast, Rock the Vote partnered with Splashlife and a number of other organizations who are leading on-the-ground efforts to rebuild and restore amidst waist-deep debris and destruction in the new “Rebuilding from Devastation Campaign for the American South.”

While media outlets may have moved on from reporting the destruction that remains, Splashlife is reporting from the front lines to share stories of rebuilding efforts as they work with the On Campus Veterans Association and the University of Alabama, which tragically lost six students in the storms. By providing disaster relief, Splashlife is “Rebuilding from Devastation” to both assist those in need and show what the power and impact a group of young people with a mission to serve others can be.

If you are interested in finding ways that you can help, visit Splashlife’s website here.

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