The Storyteller

The Storyteller

You know, things are getting pretty hectic around here. As you know, I am a senior in college and this is my final semester. So, all of my projects are starting to bottleneck. I really wonder how I'm going to make it through this semester. You know, I think the uncertainty surrounding the conclusion of this semester is incredibly stressful.

So let's talk about what happened this week. On Monday, we had a panel as part of the President's Lecture Series. The PLS is part of the Monday Leadership Forum activities that The Washington Center puts on for all of the students. So far this semester, we've heard from a number of professionals working in the nonprofit sector.

So as I'm taking a picture of this scene, in my ear next to me is someone telling me to put the camera away. Never mind that I cleared it with the authority figures at The Washington Center that I could take a picture for my blog. Instead, maybe I should have cleared it with the individual next to me who took the "don't use your cell phone" instructions so seriously that he had to be a vigilante about it. Maybe that's in the new Janet Napolitano "see something; say something" ad campaign.

Where the RAF is happens to be in a pretty nice neighborhood aesthetically speaking. Here's some of row houses down on Third Street south of the RAF:

While the Metro stop that The Washington Center advises you get off at is called "New York Avenue;" personally, I'm starting to get off at Union Station just for this nice walk. Also, I get to see some of our other government buildings, like the Security Exchange Commission:

And, frankly, if you don't have any problems walking to Union Station...

...then you're not all that far away from seeing sites like these on the National Mall:

 So there you go. This week, on my radio show, I interviewed Irene Inouye of the US-Japan Council:

 The interview is at the 4:27 mark of this video:

What faces me this week is a big presentation at my internship. I mean, this is big. This is going to be something good for me, which is what I like anyway because I don't like the weekends. I'll be frank with you. I've enjoyed working at my internship the whole time I've been here more than anything else. Well, that's a lie. I enjoy sleeping in on weekend mornings the most. But you get the drift.

All right, let's close things out with another one of my dad's famous phrases:

"out past Joneses"

Definition: exceedingly past a set point; any far out place

Usage: "Those dang Metro boards NEVER tell you when a train is headed your way, but they always tell you about elevator outages from here to out past Joneses."

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