Downtown Alexandria

Downtown Alexandria

If The Washington Center decides to put you up in the Meridian Towers at Braddock Station in Alexandria, Virgina, as opposed to the RAF in Washington, D.C., you'll be within a mile of "Old Town" Alexandria which has tons of shops and restaurants as photographically documented below:


 I love the colors of the shops there.

 I love how there's just a concrete building right in the middle of downtown. I guess it was an old fire station.

 I didn't feel like souvlaki, so I didn't go into this restaurant.

Oh, look! If you should ever get lonely for the suburban malls you left behind so you could come here, you can still go to the Gap and Banana Republic to get your fix. 

I never liked antiques stores as a kid. Too much pressure to not touch or break anything. Plus, they rarely had basketball cards.

 I love the pastels.

Again, another place I probably would have dread going into as a child because it would have been boring. Even now, I'd hate to go into a furniture store like this. It seems like there would be nothing comfortable in there. You know, it's just the type of furniture you buy to impress people with that you can't stand to begin with.

 The closer you get to the river, the more seafood restaurants you run into.

And this is the wonderful, panoramic view of the Potomac you get when you arrive at the end of King Street.

Here's a nice place that I see couples hang out at to talk and enjoy each other's company. But I bet if you dare ask the girl in 711 from the Political Leadership program to go hang out here, while you only wanted to enjoy her company, she would think you brought her here to drown her in the fountain. That's why she always keeps a distance of five feet between the two of you when you see run into each other in the lobby or on the Metro.

This is the Starbucks where James Madison wrote his drafts of the Constitution.

Yeah, and every now and then, you'll see some ghosts from the American Revolution.

 Here's a movie theater that plays new movies...

 ...and old ones!

 I can't figure out my motivation for posting this. I bet a numerologist could figure it out because there's a "1009" in the picture.

But I do know why I posted this! It's because I'm addicted to Chipotle, and if you are too, then you know where to get your fix.

So there it is. I know some of you enjoy pictures because it show off the experience better. Frankly, I'd rather TELL YOU about what to expect here when you intern with The Washington Center than just slap some pictures up there and call it a blog. But don't worry: I'll be getting back to that format soon. 

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