What's LOVE got to do with it?

What's LOVE got to do with it?

I know it's been a long time since I've posted for you avid readers! I've been extremely busy to say the least! I will have a blog posted about that as soon as things start to simmer down a little bit and I actually have time to BREATHE!! GEEZ! Anyways......I digress...

What am I missing?

Ok. I'm not venting or anything, I promise! But at the same time I have something to say. Now I don't proclaim to be an expert in love relations or anything of that nature, but I feel like there are a lot of unhealthy things going on around here at the RAF.

I fully understand that matters of the heart can be complicated and hard to understand and I fully understand that you also cannot necessarily control who it is that you start to catch feelings for, but we should be practical about these things. We are all in Washington, DC for what? 4 months? That is in no way enough time to develop anything remotely close to a strong, working relationship. YET...I seem to see it more often people walking around in pairs talking about how they love each other. YOU JUST MET!! You don't LOVE anybody! It's even more interesting to watch as the individuals in this relationships get mad at one another because the other person gets caught talking to someone else. Maybe 'gets caught' isn't the right phrase, because after all none of these people are in true commmitted relationships. But there was even one situation I witnessed in which one of the people involved (it happened to be the girl) started crying over the guy that she was talking to here. Like WHAT?! What goes on in these young minds, man. 9 times out of 10 nothing significant is going to develop from these interactions because the majority of the people here either already have relationships back home, or are trying to test the waters with many people knowing that their time here in DC is limited. Either way, when this program is over, all of us will be leaving going back to our respective lives. Now I'm not saying that it is impossible for a true relationship to develop out of this program, but it is highly unlikely. Maybe it's just something that I'm not understanding. By no means am I jealous and by no means have I seen anybody that I would even consider getting to know in that manner. Some of these people probably realize that with this program quickly drawing to an end, so too will their relationships. Many of them will be able to shake hands and walk away and acknowledge that it was fun and move on with their lives. Others will try to visit the significant other in delicate hopes of trying to make it work.

It is very true that those countries that are associated with romance - Spain and Latin America, France, Italy (other places like that) - produce very romantic individuals. Well, I have met people from France and several from Latin American countries. But even then I can tell a distinct difference between the way they woo young women and the way Americans go about it. They are definitely more romantic and usually more upfront with their feelings. TRAP TRAP TRAP! May be my personal opinion but it seems to me that people get wrapped up in the way they are being pursued...in ways that they may never have been pursued before. Trust me, I can totally understand.

Which brings me to another point. Most of these relationships aren't forming between individuals who live in the same state, or even in the same country for that matter. No. It's more like a person from Argentina talking to a person from Korea. Or a person from India dating a person from Australia. You get my point. By the time this program is over, their visas will be expiring and they will definitely have to return back to their home countries. Then what? Hurt feelings? While I fully admit there are some who appear to just be having fun and fully understand that this is just a one time fling and that they will go on to their normal lives back at home. But I have a hard time believing that that is the case for all these other relationships forming.

Some of them are even so unhealthy that individuals are calling in sick to their jobs in order to hang out with one another. I haven't seen this very often, but I have definitely heard of it happening. CRAZY! What are you here for?! I'll keep from going into deep details on this issue because I don't want to get anyone in trouble, because clearly that is not ok! I just felt like I wanted to warn you of what you all will be seeing once you get started with The Washington Center.

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