Law School?.....mmm maybe not.

Law School?.....mmm maybe not.

Time is slowly starting to wind down guys! It's crazy to imagine that I have been here since January, and it is now mid-April. I feel like I have become a pro at this city! I know that whenever I venture back here (because I am sure that I will), I will be much more skilled at how this city operates than the average JOE! But I must say that I am kind of ready to leave. Don't get me wrong, Washington is a great city to be in and I can't say that I won't be back because the opportunities are just endless, but at the same time I just feel like I am living outside of reality if that makes any sense. I feel that I am sort of losing myself in all the work that is expected out of me while I'm here to the point where I just don't really have time to enjoy LIFE! Now I do have moments where I have been able to step away from pecking at my laptop and just this time at National's baseball game!

I'm not looking, but HEY! I was there!

I was actually going to upload a picture of the field that I took...with MY ACTUAL CAMERA (I know...shocking!), but the one time I wanted to upload a picture that I actually took, it says its too big. I'm sure I could alter the size and all that good stuff...but it's now almost midnight...annnd...I'm sleepy....I digress...

But for the most part, I just feel bombared with work, whether it be from my internship or TWC and my class. It's not too much to handle by any means, but when things start winding down you start panicking to make sure that everything is done and well in order...much like I feel right now!

Anyway...I just wanted to reiterate one of the best opportunities that I took while I was here. I feel that I described it pretty well, but I also want to encourage you to do the same once you get here. TOUR SOME SCHOOLS!

It was a great experience to be able to sit in on a class at Catholic University Law School and to see what I would be going through should I chose to go. That is one thing that I would definitely encourage you to do if you have time to get away from your busy schedules at work! Luckily the internship that I landed is pretty flexible and allows for us to take a lot of time to do personal development type activities (as long as we don't abuse them, and still get our work done). But DC is bustling with a number of colleges and universities that you can visit to see what grad programs are like. You might not be interested in attending school here in DC. I know I'm not, at least I wasn't, but then I saw and heard about American University which I like a lot. But at least getting the experience of what is expected from a grad program at any university is beneficial. Trust me, if you don't know already, it is completely different from your undergraduate program. Visit as many schools as you possibly can!

I know it may seem random that I am bringing this up again, but I felt the need to say it again because I feel it is very important. I was talking to one of the people that I work with about this experience today at lunch (which is what made me think about it again). It is very important to know what you are getting yourself into when it comes to post-graduate school. You don't wanna get in there and then have to drop out because you're so surprised by the work load. It's going to be different! Are you up for that challenge?!

I really can't wait to write my next blog for you guys. It's going to be pretty exciting to say the least. I'm actually working on it now. This one is going to take some time though because so much has gone on in terms of this subject. I know several of the other bloggers have also spoke about their experiences with this particular entity, but my experience has been slightly different...sliiightly. But it should be a good stay tuned for .....THE METRO WARS! Coming soon to an internet browser near you!

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