I like long walks on the...National Mall

I like long walks on the...National Mall

As I sit plugging away and trying to get all my last minute work done for TWC's required portfolio, I can't help but to sit back and think that my experience here is slowly winding down. I am actually leaving DC a couple of days early to prepare for a study abroad trip that will happen directly after this program is over. Of course I worked everything out with my boss and with my program advisor beforehand.

As I start rummaging through all the clothes and things that I have brought to start packing up I can't help but sit back and reflect on all this program has done for me. The friends I have made here will definitely last me for my entire lifetime. I even plan to spend some time with some of them in the very near future since I am not too far from some of them and some of them often travel in my direction as well.

DC has been having some rather decent weather lately. So on one of our last hurrah's, we decided to venture out one last time as a group for one of our last weekends together. We had a great Italian dinner and then afterwards decided to take a stroll out because the night was so beautiful. We headed out to the National Mall for the night (what better place to really enjoy a night out while reflecting on your last few days in the city?!)

Here are some of the pictures from the night...

Dinner before our walk out...

The beautiful WWII Memorial at night :)

Amber and I realizing this would be one of our last nights out :(

The girls..........

That's one thing that I love about this city. You have the ability to take long walks during the night time after you've eating with the family and actually go and see something that matters. On our evening stroll we went to the National Mall. I just think that's amazing. I'm not big on tourism stuff or anything like that, but I do love the ability to take a long walk out and actually end up some where that matters. :)

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