Gym, Homework, Laundry!

Story of my day once I get back home from work! I must say I have gained a new appreciation for my parents and all they do for my brother and me since I've started working here in DC. It used to be as soon as my mom walked in the door from a full day of work, I would be there with the timeless question, "what's for dinner?!" not at all thinking that she's probably not in the mood to cook right now. I have had those days where I just did NOT feel like cooking after I got back home from work, but nevertheless, I had to because unlike lovely college years, I cannot just walk to a cafeteria where food will just appear before me.

Aside from all that, I am slowly starting to find myself working into a regular routine. I wake up and head to work and sit a computer all day plugging away paragraphs on an in-depth research analysis project. Once I get home, I change and head down to the gym and start working out for about 2 hours. The gym has probably been the best stress reliever that I have found since I've been here and it also helps me feel better about waking up in the morning and not feeling like I have to press the snooze button twenty times. After the gym, I shower off and sit and watch tv for a little while and then begin working on homework. Hopefully by this time I have figured something out to eat as usually I am SUPER hungry. So after I eat I usually spend a little time talking with my friends back home and then its off to bed! I must say that I absoulutely hate routines! I hate knowing exactly what I'm going to do every minute of every second of the weekdays. I guess thats what weekends are for!

Outside of my boring routine which I am sure you are dreading walking into, I got the opportunity to visit a law school this week. I went to Catholic University of America and sat in on one of the law school classes on Trusts and Estates. Let's just say...maybe I should rethink law school. Or at least I need to put it off for a little bit. I cannot see myself tasting the real world and then all of a sudden being locked down in the larger than life books of law school and having to learn them from cover to cover. ABSOLUTELY NOT! When I say it was intense, I mean it was INTENSE! Not only did I have no idea what he was talking about (as can be expected since I walked in mid-semester and it was a 2L class) but I felt like there was a number of students in there who were lacking a clear understanding of the subject as well. I sat next to a really nice young woman, Wendy, who was kind enough to type away some interesting, yet intimidating facts that we should know before we made our final decision about law school. Now Catholic is a relatively small law school so everyone was pretty friendly to each other. But I have heard horror stories about law school where it becomes so competitive that people resort to doing crazy things to make sure that you do not out compete them. I've been told it is not uncommon for you to find your notes ripped up (if you're still stuck in the stone age and using the standard paper and pencil) or finding your files deleted from your computer where you saved all your notes. CRAZY! But all that doesn't bother me. I just don't know if I can deal with the concept of having to go back to school and have that be my life for 3 years. I already don't know how I'm going to deal when I have to return back to my university to complete my bachelors' program after being out here working. Not looking foward to it!

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