Let's have a brief moment of silence for our nation's federal government.
OK enough of that! With all this talk about the federal budget, I felt it was necessary to give reverence should we see a government shutdown. I'll leave my political views on this subject matter out of it, but I don't think anything major is going to happen. Call me an optimist, or just an individual who finds it hard to believe that the Republicans will set aside their desire to continue to hold some kind of influence in our government and allow the government to shut down. I could be wrong though, they have been pretty unpredictable lately.

As you can probably tell from my absence as well as the absence of my colleagues who have dedicated a great deal of their time to blog for you guys, things are starting to get a little hectic around here. As time is starting to wind down, the push to get things done has become evident.

In class yesterday, I had to give a presentation. I'm not sure if I have mentioned it before (even if I did, I'm sure some of you didn't read it), but we have to formulate a policy proposal in my class. I chose to work on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. Needless to say this is an extremely controversial issue and one that has yet to find a workable solution. I got positive feedback on my presentation, but not necessarily on the content. Since the issue is so controversial, not everyone in class agreed with what was being said, which is to be expected. Anyway, enough of all that.

This week I have been working hard setting up Congressional meetings for my advocacy group working with the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. Obviously I am emersed in this issue at the current moment. That is surprisingly taking up a lot of my time trying to coordinate these events and communicate to the members of my group the meetings that I have set up for them. But it MUST be done!!! We got to get a solution to this issue! SOON!

Well, that's all the TWC stuff that has been going on in my life, now for something a little more interesting.

The group of friends that I have here in DC are very interesting in traveling outside of DC on short road trips and things of that nature. A couple weeks ago we traveled out to Gettysburg. Not sure if you know or not, but that place is pretty important! It's the site of what has come to be considered the bloodiest battle of the Civil War and the site of the Gettysburg Address of the great President Lincoln. Anyway, we traveled to PA one Saturday morning and spent the entire day out there. Along with seeing great historical sites, we also took advantage of the free wine tastings that were going on as well as ate at an amazing French restaurant. This also gave us an opportunity to grow close together as friends. On the way there and on the way back we spent a great deal of time talking about some pretty deep subject matters which is always fun. Anyway, enough of the talk. I'll just upload some pictures for you to enjoy.


In case you were wondering...it was FREEZING!

Chris and I...pretty cool guy.

Not real sure what I was pointing at.

Jenny and I at dinner. She gets all the credit for these pics...I'm too lazy to upload...or even take my own.

Amber and I on the ghost tour...the least scary thing I have ever done in my life. #epicfail.

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