These have been a few of my favorite things...

These have been a few of my favorite things...

...while in DC.


TWC houses students mainly in two complexes, one located in Alexandria, VA and another one in the NOMA (North Of Massachusetts Avenue) area of Washington.  I’m one of the 300 or so interns living in the Washington complex, known affectionately as the RAF  (an acronym for Residential and Academic Facility) by TWC staff and its residents.  The RAF is by far the nicest student housing I have ever lived in during my time in college.  Each apartment houses four interns and boasts two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a full kitchen complete with all the dishes and silverware you’ll ever need, individual heat settings, a mounted TV set, and, if you’re lucky, balconies.  Sometimes I feel like I’m living in a hotel.  We also have a gym and a computer lounge in the basement.  Most of the night classes hold sessions downstairs, but I wouldn’t know since I’m one of the unfortunate few who have to trek across town for that.

Friend Visits

Although I have gone back up to visit Philadelphia a few times to visit my friends back at SJU, I’ve been lucky enough to see some of them down here as well.  In the beginning of Spring Break, three of my friends, Chris, Jill and Shariff came down for the weekend and I got to play tour guide along the Mall.  I’ve also met up with a few of my school friends who live in the DC area when they’ve come home for the weekend.  The best night might have very well been my friend Mihran’s birthday back in January.  For his 21st birthday, a bunch of my friends went to a party at his house in northern Virginia and then were chauffeured around Adams Morgan all night in a stretch Hummer limo, pretty legit if you ask me.

Myself, Christy and a few of our SJU friends ready to take on Adams Morgan.  Don't worry, we're all 21!

Me, Christy, Jill, Chris and Shariff reppin' PA.  None of us actually live there except for Shariff, by the way; we just figured we'd pay homage to our school.

Running on the National Mall

I’ve always been into sports and working out ever since I was a little kid.  I ran competitively since fourth grade, and although I choose not to keep doing sports in college, I still try to go out for a run as often as I can.  Running along the mall is by far one of my favorite things to do in Washington.  It’s so awesome to measure your progress by which monuments you’ve passed in what amount of time or even just to look at them.

Congressional Hearings

ST&R has regularly sent me up to Capitol Hill to sit in on House Ways and Means Committee hearings and a Senate Finance Committee hearing once as well.  The firm tracks progress on trade provisions, most especially three pending FTAs (Free-Trade Agreements) with the countries of South Korea, Colombia and Panama that would significantly impact a number of their international clients.  After the hearing, I go back to work and type up a report on what was said by whom and send it out to the firm’s Legislative Tracking group.

The Hearing Room of the House Ways and Means Committee where I've spent a good amount of time over the past few months

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Lauren’s cooking

My one roommate, Lauren, seriously makes the best food.   Like, its comparable to my mom’s.  All this gourmet stuff that I would never even think to make that looks like it came from a restaurant.  She’s really generous with it too and normally offers me leftovers if there are any, which I am only too happy to take care of.  If she ever decides that working in Congress won't work out, this girl could definitely make a fortune as a chef.

Happy Hours

Everyone’s favorite time of day, the hours between 4:00 and 7:00 where all the bars in the city knock their prices down to a level where it’s easily affordable on a college budget.  While its not socially acceptable to go out drinking on the level that college students might reach on Friday nights, happy hours are more of a social thing than anything else.  Its possible to get a beer and enough food to constitute a meal for $10 or less which is definitely right up my ally.  I actually enjoy going out to happy hours after work more than going out at night on the weekends. It's much more relaxed and you can actually hear the people you’re trying to have a conversation with.

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Embassy Briefings

The professionals at ST&R are very well respected throughout DC and have a pretty strong presence in the international business community here.  They regularly host morning breakfast meetings they call Embassy Briefings in one of the large office conference rooms and invite various Ambassadors and staff to come sit in.  The briefings are kind of like informational seminars.  They’ve covered topics such as the USA’s Trade Agenda and Food Safety.


Last weekend, one of my best friends from home, Linndy came down to DC from UDel and we went to see Tiesto at the DC armory with Christy and her boyfriend, Mihran.   For those of you who don’t know, Tiesto is a European DJ who puts on awesome shows complete with awesome light effects.  Linndy and I had seen Tiesto last summer in what was by far the best show I had seen in a while, so we had been looking forward to this for months.

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