Monday Fun-day

Monday Fun-day

I honestly don’t know a single person who likes Mondays, or even harbors any belief that they can be enjoyed for that matter.  Monday symbolizes the end of a weekend of relaxation, a return to responsibilities, and the start of a five-day countdown until the next weekend.  However, here in Washington Mondays have become my favorite day of the week.  I never thought I’d say that – ever – I am one of those people who starts a countdown to Friday on my dry-erase board back at SJU on Sunday nights. 

However, Spring 2011 has been no normal semester.  A lot of people here enjoy Mondays, the most obvious reason being that most interns aren’t required to work.  Unfortunately I am one of those who does, but I don’t really mind that much.  If you do end up having to work on Mondays, chances are that you’ll only be in for two or three hours anyway. 

No work doesn’t mean you have the day completely off, though.  TWC makes sure to keep us busy through various programming events catered to our specific program placements.  The programming can actually be pretty fun.  With the LCJ program I have toured the Supreme Court, the Pentagon and the Newseum – all for free (the Newseum being the coolest thing, not only because it’s a really interesting thing to see, but it saved me $22 or something!).

Bad camera quality (sorry, my camera's European and I can't do anything the warantee over here...) but that's the inside of the Supreme Court!

View of the Capitol Building from the Newseum's observation deck with the Canadian Embassy in the foreground

That was once the antenna on the top of the World Trade Center in weird to think that only ten years ago it was still up there

Collection of newspaper cover pages from the day after 9/11 from around the world

Real pieces of the Berlin Wall straight from Germany

We have programming events every Monday, but the trips are alternated between various program-specific and then TWC community-wide gatherings.  Our program-wide gatherings have mostly been what is known as the  "President's Lecture Series" events and have hosted everyone from local entrepreneurs to former State Department employees.  In the beginning of the semester we also had a ‘Career Boot Camp’ that consisted of about twenty or so workshops aimed at defining future professional plans and providing advice for following such plans through.  Our program-specific panels have mostly hosted professionals in the legal field working in all areas of the law. Each of them had something different to say about their careers and what they may or may not have done differently if they could do it all over again.  Today, instead of having a panel or something like that, we had Mock Interviews that simulated a real-life interview for a paralegal position at a private law firm, a job at the Department of Homeland Security, or a job at the US Marshall Service.

However, I’m not trying to lie and say that the alternative activities TWC plans for us are the main reason why I’ve grown to look forward to Mondays, and I’m sure the general consensus would be the same among my fellow interns.  Part of the real reason why I look forward to starting my week is that the programming events take less time then I would normally spend at work, and therefore allow the opportunity for us to take advantage of what DC has to offer.  Mondays are the time to do touristy things such as visit monuments, visit museums, go running in the park or – my personal favorite – shopping.  The past two weeks in particular the weather has been absolutely beautiful (think 75-80 degrees), which is just one more reason to get outside and enjoy the surroundings.

The Jefferson Memorial and the Washington Monument with a Cherry Blossom tree in the foreground in front of the Tidal Basin.  Such a pain to get to, but definitely worth it for the views.

Part of the FDR Memorial, which is more like a small park in itself.

Proof that the FDR Memorial is really a memorial and not just a collection of beautiful waterfalls and quotations.  I waited around for a good ten minutes to try and get a solo picture of FDR, but to no avail.

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