Its the Final Countdown

Its the Final Countdown

Friday night, 7:45 pm and I’m sitting in my apartment watching Criminal Minds while Christy’s our bedroom packing some of her stuff to go home.  Yes, I said it – home.  It’s so weird to think that nearly all residents of the RAF will have vacated the premises by this time next week.  As for myself, I’m leaving on Tuesday since it just so happens my Dad has a business meeting in DC that day so he can pick me up.

Its come to the point where I am officially done. With everything.  Somehow, someway, I mustered the effort to finish my 100+ page TWC portfolio and my class final on top of the million other things I had to do before 5:00 this afternoon.  Today was my final day of work at ST&R as well.  Part of me can’t wait to leave DC – I’m really looking forward to summer and the beach, have plans to visit one of my friends in New York City for a few days next week, and am beginning to get ready to move my things into my apartment in Philly.

However, part of me also wants to stay just a little bit longer.  I’m not quite ready to admit to myself that I’m now officially a rising senior.  That’s not okay.  I love college.  Me leaving DC- I feel like that will be an official confirmation that I’m going back to real life to accept that concept and I don’t think I’m quite ready to yet.

I’m still kind of in disbelief that the semester is almost over.  There were some points in time that I thought it was never going to end, and other times where I can’t belief how fast time has flown.

Today as I walked out of the Reagan building for the last time (at least as an intern) I couldn’t help but feel a little sad.  I’ve really enjoyed my internship and getting to know the people who work there.  They really made it a point to engage Hanlin and I in everything that was going on in the office rather than just hide us away in the cubicle in the back with a few Excel sheets to work on.  Today they even took the two of us out for lunch and gave us parting gifts in the forms of ST&R mugs and flash drives.

Instead of taking the metro home today I decided to walk home and enjoy the weather a little bit.  As I was walking down Pennsylvania Avenue, I started to realize that this may be the last time for a while I’ll see some of these buildings, which may sound kind of stupid but I personally think walking past the EPA and the National Archives on a daily basis with your back to the Washington Monument and the Capitol Building in front of you is pretty impressive.  I’ve gotten used to things here I guess, and its kind of strange to think that a week from now I’ll be somewhere else.


Hanlin and I outside the Reagan Building on our last day! I've definitely taken better pictures but I promised her I'd put this up, so this one's for you.

(P.S. we have jean day on Fridays)

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