A Brief Reflection of the Pros and Cons of DC

A Brief Reflection of the Pros and Cons of DC

It’s my last week in Washington, and I’m starting to feel little nostalgic.  Going home got me really excited for summer and the beach, but it's definitely going to be a little weird readjusting to a slower-paced lifestyle after this experience.  During this sentimental period of my night, for one of my final blogs I decided to compile a list of things that I’ll definitely miss about DC and others that I might necessarily not.  After looking at the finished product, I’d say the upsides and downsides are about half and half, everything balances out in the end.

Upsides to DC livin’:

-the Metro

-DC’s museums

-working out on the National Mall

- my TWC academic class, International Organizations and Humanitarian Law, and my teacher Dr. Max Hilaire

-the friends I've made in the RAF

-the nightlife/social scene

-being able to get almost anywhere I need to via public transportation (not only the Metro but the array of city buses as well as Capital Bike Share and cabs, as expensive as they may be)

-unlimited free cappuccinos at work

-the convenience of living in a city and always being able to find something to do

-having a gym in the basement of my apartment building

-living in an apartment with individual heat and a/c settings, a mounted TV on the wall, and three balconies

-the people who work at ST&R and Hanlin, my fellow intern and desk buddy


The majority of my class and myself in our second-to-last meeting last Thursday

…and some things that I’ll definitely be able to live without

-the Metro

-the expense of this city

-waking up at 7:00 AM

-Harris Teeter, your local overpriced neighborhood grocery store ($7 for a bag of pita chips, come on)

-schoolwork assignments on top of working 36 hours or so a week....it's a lot

- being so far away from my friends back at school

-the RAF’s unreliable internet connection, although to their credit it has been a lot better as of late

-the lack of time to cook any decent food for myself most of the time - now that I'm going home for at least a month, my mom can do it!

-my bed’s mattress

-sharing a room, although I am lucky to live with one of my best friends there’s nothing like having your own space

-not having a car

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