10 Signs Spring has Sprung in the District

10 Signs Spring has Sprung in the District

10.  Cyclists and runners take over the National Mall on the weekends, making it nearly impossible for those not athletically-inclined to walk along it without the threat of being run over.

9. Those who prefer to bag their high-heels for the morning metro commute find themsleves wearing flip-flops instead of Uggs.

8. The plethora of fountains found throughout the city emerge from their winter-long drought.

7. You begin to notice games of kickball and flag football taking place on the middle of the National Mall in the shadow of the Washington Monmuent.

6. The weather is completely bi-polar - 75 one day, and 40 the next.  (At least we're not as bad as the northeast - my friends back in Philly had to deal with snow on April Fools' day...guess its Mother Nature's idea of a sick joke).

5. You find you don't necessarily need to wear that heavy overcoat you dragged into the office that morning when you step out of work to head home in the late afternoon.

4. Random tulip and daffodil gardens planted all over the city find themselves in bloom.

3. You find yourself walking the few extra blocks in the morning (or at least in the afternoon) to the Metro in order to avoid switching trains, just beause its finally nice out.

2. The incessant sneezing begins - its allergy season and all these blooming plants definitely don't help.

1. The DC cherry blossom festival arrives!

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