Why Exactly I fell in love with my Spring Semester in DC

Why Exactly I fell in love with my Spring Semester in DC

The people I’ve met.

As cheesy as this may be, one of the biggest highlights of being in Washington has been the people I’ve met. This extends to the friends I’ve made, the people I’ve worked with at Merrill Lynch, and others I’ve had the opportunity to network with.

The DC vibe.

DC has a vibe of it’s own. Coming from the Midwest, I figured I was in the nicest place in America. Maybe true, but DC has the most chivalrous people I’ve met. I can rarely remember times I’ve opened doors for myself, or haven’t gotten into elevators first. Every time I’ve had luggage or heavy bags with me, someone has offered to carry them up the stairs for me. This could be because I’m now in a mostly corporate world vs. the university bubble, but nonetheless it’s been really nice being here.

DC is also very politically active.

I love walking streets and hearing protests, always knowing what’s in the news of where the market’s going, or identifying people by their political orientation (joke). Being in DC has been an experience of its own that I didn’t anticipate before I got here.

The food.

DC has one million amazing restaurants and dining experiences. What I like best here is the diversity. You can really find whatever you’re in the mood for, in terms of food and venue. My necessity to find food on my own, the good company, and the great restaurants have allowed me to experience the “tasteful” side of DC. Oh goodness that was terrible.

The corporate atmosphere.

This one might be a bit redundant but it’s still makes the list. It’s been really great to get a feel for the business for the first time. The private, for-profit sector is much different from the academic world or the non-profit ones that I’ve been exposed to. People treat you differently, talk to you differently, and have different expectations from you. This has made me have to mold myself slightly. This has been great for me and has definitely being a great growing experience.

The accessibility.

Although not in the heart of the East Coast, DC is very accessible to it. I really admire this about DC because that always gives you something to do. You can take bus and train trips to the numerous East Coast cities, experiencing diversity quite easily. This isn’t very possible in most other parts of America.

The responsibility.

DC overall is a much more socially responsible city than others. You can rent bikes everywhere in DC per hour. Most of the city is walkable, and you actually see a lot of people walking. Stores charge you 5 cents extra for each plastic bag and give you a 5 cent discount of reusable ones. People discuss politics on the Metro.

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