Half a’ Day of a Wholehearted Intern

Half a’ Day of a Wholehearted Intern


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

7:20- Wake up, get ready for work: business professional attire


8:26- Arrive at local Metro station (about a five minute walk from the RAF)


8:28- The time I usually hop onto the Metro (it comes in 2-3 minute intervals in the morning)


8:43- Finally step onto the Metro, after mechanical errors were fixed, followed by a switch to the blue line.


9:10- Arrive at Merrill Lynch after a five minute walk from the Metro station. Explain to my supervisor the chaos on the Metro, including people pressed against windows and other awkwardly amusing occurrences. This was quite a start to my day (Claustrophobics: if you haven’t already, don’t start panicking. The likelihood of this happening is very low).


9:15- Work on a Bloomberg exam and finally finish the last exam: officially certified.


10:30- Office work


11:00- Assist in a client’s involvement in a class-action lawsuit against a large corporation’s (think type of fruit) mistreatment of stocks. A live example of something I’ve studied in Business Law at Illinois Wesleyan.


12:00- Lunch meeting with Snow Capital Management L.P. regarding investment strategies


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