The good weather has finally arrived… well maybe.

The good weather has finally arrived… well maybe.

After a not-so-great weekend in terms of weather, Monday gifted us with upper 70’s. I left the office jacket-less, taking the longer route to the Farragut station to get home in time for programming (yes, I can safely call my DC apartment building home now, just don’t tell my parents).

Monday’s programming was easily the most interesting to me so far. The general idea of the discussion was United States foreign policy. It was particularly interesting because Lawrence J. Korb from the Center for American Progress gave his speech in light of the recent events (such as the chaos in Libya or the lack there of in Japan) taking place around the world.

After programming, my roommate, another friend and I decided to go to Old Town Alexandria. This would’ve been one of the few times where neither my roommate nor I was in any mood to go shopping and felt the need to be outdoors. After a decently long Metro ride, we arrived in Virginia. Little European shops and cafés decorated the street we strolled (the word “walked” really wasn’t accurate) to the Potomac River. The friend that came along happened to be from Belgium, and was pleasantly surprised to find European imports readily available there. He couldn’t resist picking up one of his favorite wines, but only after complaining about the cost of alcohol in the United States comparative to Belgium.

The Potomac River was a nice day-getaway and reminded me of short Midwest weekend trips I used to take with my family when I was younger. To my Midwestern friends, the pier was like Navy Pier of Chicago, minus the lights, the Ferris wheel, the mobs of people, the size, and the view of the Chicago skyline. Well, maybe I miss Chicago a bit, the only similarity it had to Navy Pier was the fact that it was a pier and that there were overly excited street musicians blaring pseudo blues music (Apparently good street musicians in populated areas average a $120,000 salary).

On the way back to the Mtro we decided on a small French restaurant. Our Belgian friend couldn’t resist a rant on how non-French the food appeared on the menu, but in the end he was outnumbered. My Tilapia and rice (which the Belgian deemed more similar to Asian than French) was enjoyable nonetheless.

The fun ended that night,though; I spent my Tuesday morning walk rushing to escape the cold, and my walk home from class thinking about why I hadn’t worn a scarf or taken a cab home. Oh DC, you’re such a tease.

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