Food, food, and of course more food.

Food, food, and of course more food.

My favorite restaurants in D.C. thus far...

For a nice dinner out:

Raku, Dupont Circle $$$

Raku is an Asian restaurant with a variety of entrees and sushi.  From all of the sushi I’ve tried in DC I’d have to say this was my favorite in terms of taste and design (if you order the bigger rolls). The atmosphere is nice; a great dinner place.

Agora, Dupont Circle $$$

Agora is a Mediterranean restaurant that serves food tapas style. The bread is delicious and I enjoyed everything (except the eggplant) that I ate there. Of all of the restaurants, this venue was my favorite. It has a narrow brick interior, with candles lit at every table giving it a somewhat European feel.

Zaytinya, Chinatown $$$$

Zaytinya is another tapas-style restaurant. When I went there, the wait was 3 hours but we managed to pull some chairs together near the bar to get a table right away. The food was interesting and good. A little pricy, but the atmosphere and service warrants that.

For a fun dinner out:

Nando’s, Chinatown and Dupont Circle $$

Nando’s is the best value restaurant by far. The food isn’t expensive, the atmosphere is good, and it’s fun. It’s a Portuguese/African restaurant that is famous for their peri-peri sauce. These sauces are so great that I gifted a box of them to my friend.

Vapiano’s , Chinatown $$

This is a fun restaurant.  You won’t eat anything really interesting here they serve pastas and thin-crust gourmet pizzas, but what I loved about Vipano’s is their atmosphere and idea. You go into the restaurant and are given a card (similar to a credit card) that you get swiped whenever you get something. This ends up being really convenient. The atmosphere here is really young and vibrant, holding a lounge area, good music, and very interesting décor.

For a unique lunch:

The Juice Joint, Northwest Quadrant (by the McPherson Metro) $$

Juice Joint is my favorite lunch place. The food here is healthy, fresh, quick, and delicious. They serve a lot of organic products and offer a lot of unique international options. Their salmon and other fish wraps/sandwiches are great. This restaurant served as the idea for my group’s TWC Entrepreneurship business plan, which ended up winning us first-place. Thank you Juice Joint.

Pedro’s and Vinny’s, 15th and K, NW $

This isn’t a restaurant; it’s a burrito cart. Trust me, this sounded just as sketchy to me as if probably does to you right now. This cart is rated under the top 15 restaurants in DC. The cart offers vegetarian burritos, that are healthy. The man who owns the cart makes his own sauce as well as offers many different types. This to me is what makes the cart and burritos so unique.

Merzi, Chinatown/near the Archives Metro Station $

Merzi is a south Asian style Chipotle. The options are great, and I have yet to try a combination I didn’t like. My favorite is their rice bowl,. This is definitely a lunch place, and a great change from regular lunch food for that matter.

Best dessert:

Kramerbooks & Café, Dupont Circle, $$

Kramer books has delicious desserts with a lot of variety. I would split these desserts, as proportions are massive. This restaurant is right around the corner from Raku (mentioned earlier) so it makes a good place to go afterwards. The goober is famous there; I would’ve tried it if I were a peanut butter fan.

Best coffee:

Saxby’s Coffee $

These drinks are beyond better than Starbucks or Carribou Coffee. It’s hard for me to drink anything besides tea at those chains. A lot of other small coffee shops make much better coffee-drinks than those large chains.

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