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Aleeza Asghar

Aleeza Asghar

Home Institution: Illinois Wesleyan University

Internship Site: Merrill Lynch

Program: Business and Management Program

Carpe Diem

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Coming from a suburb of a large American city, I figured I knew all about how to navigate cities and how to find what exactly are the best things to see. What I learned from my semester in D.C. has proved to be quite the opposite- self-exploration is a lot more exciting than guided exploration. The very idea of looking into websites or other resources about what’s great in a city is rather counter-intuitive to the idea of exploration. Not to get too pseudo-philosophic on you readers that are still following these blogs, but I cannot emphasize exploring D.C. on your own enough.

The people I’ve met. As cheesy as this may be, one of the biggest highlights of being in Washington has been the people I’ve met. This extends to the friends I’ve made, the people I’ve worked with at Merrill Lynch, and others I’ve had the opportunity to network with. The DC vibe.

After spending a couple months at Merrill Lynch I’ve gained a lot of insight on the wealth management industry. I came into the office with a lot of expectations that were changed or modified as my time here progressed. Here are some pros and cons I’ve come up with regarding wealth management:

My favorite restaurants in D.C. thus far... For a nice dinner out: Raku, Dupont Circle $$$ Raku is an Asian restaurant with a variety of entrees and sushi.  From all of the sushi I’ve tried in DC I’d have to say this was my favorite in terms of taste and design (if you order the bigger rolls). The atmosphere is nice; a great dinner place. Agora, Dupont Circle $$$

American History really had never been one of my favorite subjects growing up, and always took third of fourth after art, writing, and math (you’re probably wondering how I ended up in DC of all cities we have here). My older brother who will soon be graduating with a degree in biology came to visit. Naturally, I assumed he wouldn’t care to see monuments, Smithsonian Museums-maybe the Natural History Museum, or really any of the other touristy highlights DC has to offer. Well- I was wrong for the most part.

After a not-so-great weekend in terms of weather, Monday gifted us with upper 70’s. I left the office jacket-less, taking the longer route to the Farragut station to get home in time for programming (yes, I can safely call my DC apartment building home now, just don’t tell my parents).

A Sunday in Georgetown Through my Lens

Thursday, April 07, 2011

My friends and I decided to walk around Georgetown last Sunday. Cliché, but we discovered great weather, food, architecture, and even better company. Instead of ranting about it, here are some pictures from the day.

A special thanks goes to my younger sister, Myra, who visited me and brought a mostly touristy and girly agenda with her. 1. Visit the gallery of first-lady dresses at the American History Smithsonian Museum. This gallery has actual dresses worn by our first ladies. If you’re into fashion, you get a physical timeline of how formal attire has evolved (I am very thankful it has). Michelle Obama’s inaugural gown and matching Jimmy Choo’s are also there.

Yes, I visited the Capitol Building, the Holocaust Museum, National Mall, and crossed off various other tourist spots of the DC must-see list thus far.

Half a’ Day of a Wholehearted Intern

Sunday, February 13, 2011

  Wednesday, February 16, 2011 7:20- Wake up, get ready for work: business professional attire

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