Fun in the Sun

Fun in the Sun

Rally for Reason

The much anticipated event hosted by John Stewart and Stephen Colbert of Comedy Central took place on October 3th. It was certainly a unique rally. For starters, I have never seen so many people in one place. It took about an hour just to find a spot where the small group I was with could stand. I have been to rallies before, but never did they seem so…… chilled out. Despite the enormous crowd, it was very calming and peaceful. Most of the signs were ridiculous and gave us a good laugh. “Chtulu for President 2012”, one read. Others, in less humorous fashion, used the rally to express their concerns and misgivings. People there expressed their frustration with sensationalist media sources (Fox was certainly not popular in this crowd), popular television personalities like Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly, or more abstract problems that face today’s Americans—fear, ignorance, and intolerance.

It was a beautiful fall day and there was certainly a feeling of common understanding in the air, despite the fact that many attending the rally didn’t quite know what they were there for. John Legend and The Roots played some great music to open up the rally, the guys from MythBusters conducted experiments with the gigantic crowd (having everyone jump at once, do a huge human wave, make weird sounds), and Stewart and Colbert put on a bunch of comedic acts.


As we know, the end of October also brings about Halloween! There are a lot of fun events going on in DC on Halloween weekend. For instance, all the embassies on Massachusetts Avenue give out treats from their countries. We aren’t just talking candy, they give out national delicacies. The Irish and German embassies have even been known to give out alcohol.

In the international spirit of DC I decided to go to the Canadian Embassy for a Halloween Party. A friend of mine, a fellow intern at TWC, is working there and he gave me and a few of his buddies VIP access to the event. It was bizarre (in a good way) to be in a fancy embassy watching a person dressed up as the transvestite from Rocky Horror Picture Show drinking and talking with diplomats and embassy workers. And of couse all music, food, and drinks were strictly Canadian.

After the embassy, our group (which had grown throughout the event) decided to go to Adams Morgan, an area in DC known for its party scene. Hopping around from club to club is not really my scene, but every once in a while it can be good fun. I couldn’t tell you half the names of the places we went to, but it was certainly memorable.

My next post will cover some more serious and important aspects of my TWC experience!  

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