Walking Around the District

Walking Around the District

One of my very few athletic hobbies is walking. And when it comes to walking, I don't think you'll find a setting than D.C. So I've been taking advantage of this fact and wandering around any chance I get. Besides, walking also saves us our Metro fare! Haha.

This Saturday, I originally planned to visit the National Gallery - as an art lover, I'd put it off for too long. But when a friend called me and asked me out to brunch, I guiltily decided to postpone my visit, again. And brunch led to another one of my walking sprees, this time with a couple of friends. Below I introduce some of my favorite places in D.C., all of which were included in this walk.

my walking route


This is the path I walked today - all 7.3 miles of it.


Dupont Circle/Embassy Row

I don't usually wander around Embassy Row. It's more of a very determined walk when I try to cover a 15 min. distance in 10 min. every morning on the way to work. And I've been there so many times that the excitement for walking up the seemingly endless street of embassies has dimmed out a bit. But FALL IS HERE and so is the beutiful foliage on the trees. It's a pretty nice place to be out on a fair weathered weekend.


Georgetown Area

It's hard getting used to a narrow sidewalk throbbing with people (which is basically what M Street in Georgetown is on a typical weekend when I can get out). But if you can go early in the morning, you can beat the crowds; and the walk through an empty downtown DC is quite an experience. Try walking up a block or so from M Street, and you'll be in the more residential parts of Georgetown. Walk down several blocks, and you meet the waterfront - amazing view.


The National Mall

Of course you were expecting this on my list. It's one of the best known places in DC. But it was a recent discovery for me, and I must say, one of my favorites. The long walk to the Washington Monument and a bit farther, to the Lincoln Memorial, is surprisingly relaxing as much as it is tiring. Today was the first time I'd visited after dark, but I have to say, the experience was doubly satisfying.

All in all, it was a pretty long walk. But I recommend doing it at least once while you're in D.C. You see a lot, get a chance to think a lot in quiet, and...it gives you some excercise. We interns need it. Haha.

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