A Taste of Korea....in DC?

A Taste of Korea....in DC?

Being here at TWC, interning in DC, everythings' been going pretty well. You've been reading my blogs. You know.

One thing that I could never get used to, one thing that I can't get over...is the significant lack of Korean food in my diet. As much as I enjoy all this incredible Western/international cuisine D.C. restaurants have (and is easy to prepare myself), I. just. need. Korean food. on a daily basis. Please?

I have to say, I have it better than most of the Korean students since I work at the Korean Embassy. We oftentimes go out to eat Korean food for lunch. Have you heard of Mandu, the Korean restaurant near Dupont Circle? Not to advertise or anything, but it is one place among other diverse ethnic restaurants that you must try when you're in D.C., and for any future Korean students reading this blog, it's the one place we have access to for Korean food in D.C. - remember the name!

Business Plan & Korean Food 

I started mentioning Korean food because I wanted to introduce the group projects that have been going on. It's a different project for every different program, but as a part of our TWC Program, we are required to complete a program specific project. For the Global Trade and Regional Integration Program and the Business and Management Program, we've been separated into groups of 5 students to come up with a business plan. Executive summary, floor layout, competition analysis, financial plan - everything. Our group, after several wrong turns, decided on a plan to open a Korean restaurant in Washington D.C. We thought Korean food had enough potential and small competition, to become a successful business in D.C. I mean, Korean food did win 1st place in the food contest at the International Festival two weeks back!

Us serving Korean food!

Our chef being awarded the 1st prize medal!

But that's another story. Too far back. For specifics of the International Festival, you can follow Dominique's blog entry.

Although it wasn't that easy to meet in groups and come up with a whole business plan while working on weekdays, we had some fun and although we haven't yet presented the plan to the 'angel investors,' whatever the results would be, I'm proud of our project. We came up with a pretty impressive business plan (in my standards, at least) for a restaurant named 'Hon' (it means Soul in Korean) that would act as a location for people to experience Korean food and culture at the same time. I'm actually a little disappointed that this plan can't be materialized in reality. But when all's said and done, the project was another valuable experience I had at TWC.

The topic for this blog entry may verge on the borders of being a little too patriotic. But you really can't judge until you try some Korean food in person. Go visit a Korean restaurant. Or if that's too hard, you're always welcome to come knocking on my door at the RAF to share my last pieces of Kimchi.

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